Monday, October 10, 2005

Welcome whoever TF you are ^^. If you managed to accidentally stumble here, lemme just say that i'm dicking around w/ this blog and enhancing my knowledge. Never thought i'd do a blog cuz of lack of time but since today's a holiday, i decided to play around w/ this bit of free time. Anyways, lemme warn you that this blog will be anything goes. So expect coarse languages and stuff. I'll be ranting on various things of my interestes which includes anime, video games, sports and movies. I won't talk much about life though XD. I'll probably do something similar to the very cool fabservice site (linked to the right), but i'll post a variety which includes real chicks (nudity? maybe ^^), game chicks and anime chicks. Anyways, here's the first image that i'm using (as a test)....Dixie Clemets from the Rumble Rose video game. Mmm...polygons :D.

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