Saturday, October 15, 2005

Let's go 2 E-Town

I've been following ETown since it's inception when it was announced at cameroncroweonline (now and I finally watched it last night and it was great (though i'm a little biased there :)). It's a good date movie like all of Crowe's movies. His use of music was superb as usual and there was much more music than I thought there'd be, cuz he sorta focused the last half of the movie on music. I really recommend picking the soundtrack up.
I always liked Bloom and he did a good job portraying as Crowe. I'm glad he didn't go w/ Kutcher as I was crying at first when I heard that. Dunst did a decent job for her role, nothing
great though IMO. The movie has been cut since it's premiere from the Toronto Film Fest cuz some found it too long. It was originally 130 something mins. cut down to 123. Crowe better release an uncut version like he did w/ Untitled/Almost Famous. Joblo (linked to the right) has interviews of Bloom, Dunst and Crowe for the interested.

Game news I want to make today, is the PSP Mai-HiME Bakuretsu! Fuuka Gakuen Gekitou Shi. This game is a fighting game but it also has some bonus mini games. Even though I don't have a PSP, I'm still gonna get it (
since I'm a BIG fan of the show and ZHiME) and play it on my friend's PSP :P. Here's a scan posted on gamefaqs by tangowr. Here's a cleaner pic of one of the screenshots released today.

Lastly, tonight's a big night in
the NHL, so many teams playing. You got the classic rivals of Tor. vs Mont., Battle of Alberta and the awesome Senators. I need a big night cuz I'm still near the bottom of my pool :( (though i'm slowly rising :D).

here's the pic of the day,

and for some nipple action, here's Kirsten Dunst nip slip (adult, mind you, i'm not a KD fan, I only included her for my theme today ;)) and one for the bangbang/boobster, Bible Black (also adult).


Zanza said...

whoa, i didn't know Minase from Bible Black had a sister. hmmm, then again, i haven't really watched this series in its entirely. i really gotta get those dvd's...

nice FMP shot as well, very nice ;)

R8 said...

yeah, it's his stepsister yukiko, very hawt. I wish she'd also return in the new one :(.