Monday, January 30, 2006

Arrived and Fine

Quick update. My Amazon package arrived. It's a small one like usual. Just Otome and School Rumble OVA. since many other blog sites have covered SR OVA, i'll just mostly post the pics of Otome. These pics are linked from imageshack since i'm lazy to reup them :P.

the back
Main DVD
Booklet Cover
Booklet Sample 1
Booklet Sample 2
Booklet Sample 3

and as always w/ AJ and their advertising, they felt the need to send me this:
I don't think i'm fat :P.

Gemini Knives pic of the day:
Get into your inner loli.


somber said...

Cool stuff, I wish I could afford getting Region 2's. A little jealous of you people who can ^^.

R8 said...

Heh, you should be thankful you haven't as you don't want to be addicted to this and be sucked in the void of debt ^_^. R2s are leeches.