Monday, January 16, 2006

"War" in '40 Seconds'

a yes, that was a great album back in the day and still is. anyways, i watched munich w/ my girlfriend yesterday and it was indeed a good movie. glad to watch a spielberg movie in the same dark vein as schindler's list which he rarely does. this movie's got some awesome (and graphic) violence, though i personally felt it was a little too long. Bana was great and so was the rest of the cast (yeah, Bond was okay :D). Hotties worth noting were Ayelet Zorer and CDN Marie-Josee Croze (showing off her goodies once again). Anyways, some might find it offensive depending, but i didn't really take that into account since i don't follow all this political stuff and didn't want it to ruin my enjoyment of the movie. I definitely recommend watching it but probably not worth buying when it comes out on dvd as it's a movie i don't see myself watching it over and over again, mainly cuz the action scenes (while cool) were a little short, 'cept one of 'em, which was just awesome.

My girlfriend has also gotten me onto the bandwagon of watching 24, so i checked it out w/ her last night and tonight on the 2 Hr. specials. must say it's got me hooked now too. i always wanted to watch the show mostly for shallow reasons (yesh cuthbert yesh) but i never really wanted to join in the middle of the show to catch up, therefore i never bothered. anyways, season's shaping up pretty good i guess, samwise's appearance surprised me as i thought he was gonna gay someone up :P, naw naw, i like astin, he was hilarious in 50 first dates but i'll always remember him in Rudy. DEE BEST FOOTBALL MOVIE EVAAA! I'm also glad to hear that Cuthbert will be returning this season (yay), though i have no idea really on her character, my g/f has been trying to fill me in. But yeah, looks like i've got a TV show to follow now as it's been a while for me. Yeah, i don't really count following random episodes of South Park, Family Guy or Simpsons as following a TV show.

On the fig front, seems like Moonphase, Heisei Democracy and of course Good Smile Company made note of some new figs. Most notably Kanako Ohno and Tokiha Mai (I linked them to HD's Hobby Stock link cuz they got better pics :P). I already mentioned i've quit collecting figs after making my final orders (which have yet to arrive of course). The Ohno is damn NICE and hawt, now if it were Saki, I might reconsider getting one more fig. The GSC Mai is nice as they've got her nicely proportioned (the way i like it XD) and the facial details are simple & nice. However, like the GSC Natsuki, the pose is rather meh. I do like the quality of this fig over the GSC Natsuki. But i got the MF Mai coming and that's all I'll need since that one is so much cooler w/ heroine scarf and all. Of course the OS Mai (which is out now) rulz all and sadly, i couldn't 'afford' that. Though once my OS Natsuki comes, that one will rule all Natsuki AND HiME figs :P :D. In other HiME news, the Bakuretsu PSP game seems to be delayed again just like i predicted. The official site states the date between "January-February" and AJ states the end of February (28). My order w/ YA says nothing but that will soon change. Also of note, is that the My~Otome comic anthology is scheduled for Feb and is up for preorder at AJ. Since it's most likely the same style as the MH CA, it's likely i will skip since it features hardly any 'anime' art. And so i'll end on this, some HiME and ZHiME photos of the awesome art from the MHxMO Cardass i found. Yeah, that Mai & Natsuki one is just jawesome featuring 2 of my Primary 3, man i wish Midori was in there! The little girls from Otome is okay but only made better w/ Tomoe's presence ;).

as for the otome spread, time for valentine's :P.


bakaboobie said...

The Mai-Otome beach pic looks similar to the cover of Fuuka Gakuen book.

R8 said...

yeah, sort of. they BETTER be in his upcoming artbook, i just love the Mai & Natsuki art.

Anonymous said...

I assume you're talking about U2 for your title.


Fisherman Horizon said...

Where did u find the otome spread. Looks very nice! Are they from magazine?

R8 said...

acolyte: yeah, i was referring to the U2 album w/ Munich and 'War' and 24 w/ '40' & 'Seconds'.

fisherman: i forgot where i found the valentine's otome scan (i go searching for hime and zhime pics everywhere all the time). It's from a magazine for sure, I'm guessing it's from NewType Japan.