Thursday, December 22, 2005

Schoool's out foooor tha Wintaaa!

Well, final exam was done and i'm officially done 'till next year :D. Anyways, managed to watch the SR OVA today. Good stuff as usual w/ some yum yum fanservice. I won't go into it since most will be getting 'it' & the R2 soon whereas I have to wait until Jan ;_; cuz I combined it w/ My-Otome to save money, which i mentioned already. I just hope I'll still get the FP. Anyways, I mainly want to rant about the roster selection of Team Canada for the Olympics since hockey's a Canada thing and I also use to play hockey which is why I follow the NHL more than any other sport.
So here's the roster:

Martin Brodeur
Roberto Luongo
Marty Turco
Rob Blake
Adam Foote
Ed Jovanovski
Scott Niedermayer
Chris Pronger
Wade Redden
Robyn Regehr
Todd Bertuzzi
Shane Doan
Kris Draper
Dany Heatley
Jarome Iginla
Vincent Lecavalier
Rick Nash
Brad Richards
Joe Sakic (Captain)
Ryan Smyth
Martin St.Louis
Joe Thorton

Jason Spezza, Eric Staal and Bryan McCabe will be the alternates. Anyways, I'm mostly content w/ the lineup except for Rick Nash. The guys been injured most of the year and I personally don't think he deserved a starting spot. Sure he's got experience and did amazing last year (which i take was his golden season) but Spezza or Staal really should've been in the roster. I personally think Spezza would've been great as he prolly would've been paired up w/ Senators teammate, Heatley. I'm also partially biased since Ottawa's my fave team. I'm also surprised by some ppl who weren't picked, namely Brendan Shanahan who's doing great this season and Paul Kariya who's proved himself last Olympics that he can perform even though he's doing so-so this year (though the Preds are doing amazing). I'm also not too fond of the Tampa Bay lineup, but hey, they've proven themselves, so let's hope for the same results. Anyways, that's my rant, I would also like to add that hottie Canadian, Elisha Cuthbert is a pretty big hockey fan herself as she's got her own blog on An interesting read no doubt, plus she's uber hot. I actually watched PMK back in the day cuz of her XD.

Oh some game stuff, gametrailers has a gameplay trailer of Onimusha 4 and a JPN trailer of SFZ/A 3 DU/Max currently. Anyways, now that i'm free gotta finish up some last min. Christmas shopping for friends, family and g/f ^_^.


bakaboobie said...

Would have gotten SR shipped this month, but I had to bundle it up with a late-Jan release CD (H&MC). ARRGH! >_< Tell me. Was it high on Eri or Mikoto FS?

R8 said...

it wasn't that high on fs for either eri or mikoto. both showed a good amount of top cleavage and both shared an equivalent amt of screentime. Tenma got the most FS and ep.1 was mostly focused on her and maybe a 1/4 on Yakumo (yay!). Yakumo probably got more focus in the OVAs if you calculate, mainly cuz it's mostly based on her b-side chapters.