Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Freakin' Fate

Well, as luck would have it, yesasia informs me that the GSC Kuga Natsuki fig has been delayed and the expected ship out date from them is Feb :( (HLJ and GSC still have it for a Dec release though i'm guessing they need to update their sites as one rarely updates and on is currently on holidays). that royally sux as Dec was suppose to be MH month for me as i had the OS Natsuki fig, GSC fig and PSP game coming. All have been delayed as I checked the OS Natsuki fig 2 weeks ago the date was changed for feb. the showing of it at the latest WHF didn't make the wait any longer. I already mentioned that the PSP game was pushed back to Jan 31. So yeah, that bites, looks like Feb will be MH month then.


somber said...

Which magazine is that Fate/Stay Night poster from? Looks great.

bakaboobie said...

It's delayed again?! Ugh! This is gonna screw my orders again badly from HS. :(

R8 said...

@ somber: the poster is from the latest Megami magazine (feb).

@ baka: yeah, it kinda sux, i'm not sure if this is only a YA thing or not but oh well, i guess i can wait for it to soothe a bit of my statement next month and the GSC Natsuki isn't 'that' amazing anyways ^_^.