Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Seeing Red & White

Christmas was good w/ the family. Nothing terribly special i'd say. The SR Xmas theme is also in relation to the latest chapter (159: Jingle all the way) w/ that 1 scene (though i'm not really rooting for it :P, but i root for harima). Anyways, here's the list of things i got:

MONEY!! (yeah, my parents always give me money, they're lazy :D)
some PS2 games to add to the backlog (RE 4, NBA Live 06, Shadow of Colossus, Lego Star Wars, God of War)
a daweoo (hl710s) 17" LCD monitor
a lambskin leather bomber
couple of Banana Republic shirts
a Eddie Bauer fleece hoodie
Jordan Retros XIII (1303)
some specialized beer mugs and shot glasses
a bottle of Amaretto (yeah, i'm an alcoholic ^^)
random box of chocolates
socks (shaweet)

as for

didn't expect to buy as much stuff as i did. i first bought some stuff online at amazon then decided to head out to the mall w/ some friends (which sucks as always cuz it took us almost half an hour to find a spot). So here's what i got on Boxing Day:

Genji: Dawn of the Samurai (online)
Sin City: Extended, Recut, Unrated (online)
A Eddie Bauer parka jacket
A EB down vest
a CK dress shirt & tie
a pair of dockers khakis
T-Mac 4
and some underwear (yay)

so yeah, a lotta dough lost but what can i say, they were great deals. anyways, the last two lost worlds queen's blade were released last week and you can see some shots at akiba's blog. The Hirotaka Irma one is just hawwt, as expected.


bakaboobie said...

Flying Buffalo's stuff came in today! And them books are good. They didn't translate them though as previously advertised.

R8 said...

nice, i emailed CS at Flying Buffalo about a week ago, did the whole calculation thing and currency exchange along w/ (high) possibility of being hit by customs and the results seems like i'll probably be better off ordering from AJ along w/ some other stuff :(. So i'm gonna have to wait a while longer before getting the 3 books i already ordered ;_;.