Monday, December 05, 2005


I don't have much of a theme today, but since i got some free time and finished my first exam (of 5), mind as well make an update since it's been some days. Anyways, cover and box for vol.1 of My-HiME is up at AAA anime. The box is ugly, so i'm glad it didn't tempt me to buy 3. Bones has updated their site w/ a brand new look today too. anyways, that's it for me. need some sleep.

random (but familiar) adult pic of the day.


Zanza said...

heh, what series is that pic from, asks the hentai n00b? and i thought the blonde haired person was a woman, what the monkey is under that blurred out area? x_x

poor nurse, they always get the shaft nowadays ;)

R8 said...

heh, the hcg is from the game (by mink). it's the 2nd yakin byouto series which is/was being released by D3 (NSFW). That futanari chick (riuru) is actually my fave of the chicks in that series XD.