Thursday, December 08, 2005

2 Fighting Street

Well, the Street Fighter 2 #1 comic has finally arrived and let me tell you that it was worth the wait. Lee's art is superb and we get a good glimpse at a lot of the characters. There's a cool part featuring Bison/Vega's past w/ uber hottie Rose. Also a mini talk w/ my fave Capcom artis, Kinu Nishimura and another prologue to Rival Schools which Rey is heading. Anyways, awesome book and I picked up 2 copies to get the complete pic. I also noticed in the book an ad about Club Udon, which just opened today (which I've linked). It's mainly the UDON store that sells all their products like sweet lithographs of past foil covers along w/ the Ikeno and Shinkiro art that they did for the SDCC Eternal Challenge Cover (which is also for sale there). You can also buy it signed! But what's really interesting is the ability to buy the Raw edition of the issues, which is a Club Udon exclusive. Basically it's Alvin Lee's sketches untouched, just line art of the drawings w/ no colour or dialogue bubbles. I love that stuff. The only thing is, is that it's quite pricy. It's 13 bucks and when you factor in shipping (which varies depeding on the amount u buy), it comes to about 19 bucks US. So yeah, shipping is a big detraction and i'll probably skip on that no matter how cool it is...for now. If you got the moolah and hardcore, i'd say it's worth it. Anyways, since SF2 has finally kicked off w/ issue 1, i'll just post a pic of all the SF comics that i got in the past. I mainly got the A covers and both for some, due to the artists (Hyung-Tae Kim, Yasuhiro Nightow, LeSean Thomas). Yeah, for 14 i got the B cover cuz I didn't like Rey's cover, truthfully i didn't like both. I didn't get any foil covers cuz none of them really interested me that much except for maybe the Jo Chen (who did most of the Foil covers)'s Fei Long one and Shinkiro's Chun Li & Guile one (i don't really like Guile in that pic). I got 2 of the SDCC Summer Specials (yeah, they're signed, even though i didn't go) just so I can leave one in plastic and the other to read. I couldn't find issue 0 so i had to deal w/ the DF Joe Mad issue 0, which is cool but also a bummer cuz SF issue 0's cover is really awesome. Since i have 'em all, i didn't bother w/ the cool TPBs, which i recommend for anyone starting this, as past issues are kinda hard to find, the only bad thing is you don't get the any of the guest artists special (some are good and some are horrid). Anyways, enjoy and support UDON if you like SF.

Here's some preview pics of issue 1 which other sites have hosted to get you enticed: 1, 2

And here's a link to the very sweet (and tempting) SF 2 #1 Raw (AWESOME COVER!)

And here's my collection of the UDON SF comics
(i had some of the american malibu comics but those were chucked yrs ago and my SFZ manga by masahiko nakahiro is at 'home').


bakaboobie said...

This issue is somewhat delayed, ne? Comic is marked for Nov-solicitation but got released this month.

R8 said...

yeah, the issue was suppose to come out like 2 weeks ago, but udon said cuz of the christmas, the shipping of it got delayed. now i'm wondering when SF 2 #2 is gonna come out cuz it was scheduled for Dec. and that was nasty cliffhanger (for ryu & sagat fans) as i'm dying to see that fight!

Anonymous said...

This comic has certainly got me interested. I'm not a big Street Fighter fan but I think the art looks great. I just might have to start on this.

R8 said...

yeah, you should if you like anime or manga as Lee's got the asian influence :). I'm really liking the story setup for SF2 moreso than SF. You should be able to pick up the trade paperbacks w/out much difficulty to catch up.