Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kyou wa Kinu

a play on japanese for the title. Hopefully you got the meaning :). Though it's black and white the Nishimura Kinu Chun Li is perhaps my favourite of hers in both the Capcom Design Works and Eternal Challenge. Anyways, didn't have to time to post yesterday as the gf came over. So my discovery was two Capcom Nishimura Kinu collection figs that i bought some weeks ago. I was cleaning my closet (my room is still kinda messy) and i found these 2 beautiful figs which i had my comic shop put on hold for me. I could 've gotten the rest of the set but i wasn't really interested in the characters except for Jin Saotome (from cyberbots & Marvel vs. Capcom series) and Devilot (also from Cyberbots). Also cuz most of the rest are lolis :P. If the male character was Ryu, Ken or Fei Long, i would've surely gotten it. So instead I opted out for the SF figs cuz of I obviously love Chun Li and Ibuki is a rarity. To get a better look at the other figs, you can check'em out at Yamato USA. Just want to note for those who have a panty fetish, Effie and Tiara do show their panties (no devilot, sorry). Also for those who don't know, Effie is from SF 3 and is a NPC related to Necro while Tiara is from a JPN only PSX game called Gaia Master which Nishimura did character designs on. Yeah, i'm a big Nishimura Kinu fan, she's undoubtedly my fave Capcom artist ever, with Bengus, CRMK and Akiman following (in order). Her work on War of the Grail looks awesome. Also of note was that i pre-ordered the Max Factory Nishimura Cammy from HLJ just before the deadline of the Earlybird special (link). As much as i want the Kaiyodo Cammy, i don't think i can swallow shelling out that much cash for a fig, rather spend it something else. The MF Kinu Sakura one looks nice but I'm not a fan of hers (link). HLJ has just put up the MF Kinu Chun Li which i've been waiting for as well (link). I'll see if YesAsia is cheaper whenever they get it up before finally deciding on HLJ. Also, the MF Tokiha Mai in hero scarf is up (link). It's an obvious no brainer for me to get, seeing how such a huge fan i am and it will go perfectly w/ the GSC Natsuki one that I'll be getting.

Anyways, here's some pics of the figs, enjoy ;).

and the requisite panty shot :D.

as you can read by the pic, all the figs come w/ a drawing sheet by Kinu-san. I just didn't take one of Ibuki's.


Anonymous said...

They look nice. But what's up with all those Limited Edition Sakura Wars Movie DVDs?

Angelssin said...

wow...where do you guys get all of this crazy stuff from? Yahoo auctions japan? its all too complicated for me :(

R8 said...

well, as mentioned, the figs shown, i got from my comic shop thru the diamond comics/previews catalogue. as for me having 3 Sakura Taisen movies. I saw the 2 LEs dirt cheap at a Wal-Mart (8.66) about 2 months ago, so i decided to pick them up since i never got the LE the first time. Now, i kinda regret buying the RE a year ago for about 30 bucks CDN :P.

Zanza said...

hmmm, looks like Fabio is moving up to a different level of otaku, ROMANCE LVL UP!

i now shall look towards you, R8, to compensate for any potential decrease in ecchiness XD

R8 said...

heh, hopefully i can live up to your expectations zanza since i'm so varied w/ anime/hentai game ecchiness, video game ecchiness, real women ecchiness XD.