Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Two Piece

Well, the news i want to make right now is that the official One Piece movie 7, "Karakuri Shiro no Mecha" site is up. There's also two teasers up for viewing. Nothing special really, only a little bit of new footage. Anyways, i'm a little down about the style cuz i loved movie 6's art and animation style and was hoping it would be used once more. Oh well, this does keep it consistent w/ the other movies and the tv series again. I'll be back later as i made a discovery today, but first i gotta rewatch Star Wars episode III. So, I'll leave off w/ this hot pic where Nami wants Robin to come back....and so do I!! I wuv you Robin...plz come back ;_;. yeah, Water 7 arc is just amazing, though i'm way behind in the manga.


bakaboobie said...

I really should stop watching the 4Kids version of OnePiece. It's starting to confuse me with the actual storyline and the character motives.. So is Nico Robin a hero or what?

R8 said...

of course she is, she should never be doubted after the Alabasta arc ^_^. though the current Water 7 arc really does make you wonder...heheh, i spoiled myself and obviously know the answer.