Sunday, November 13, 2005

I can't wait for School!

Weekends are slow on news, so not much news i want to make. maybe some old movie news that some may not follow too keenly. First up, Sha Po Lang (SPL), the HK movie starring Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam and Wu Jing has been licensed by the Weinstein company for release in NA, UK and Ireland. This movie is easily the most anticiapted HK movie for me. It will finally be released in HK theaters on Nov.18. 2nd, I found out that Tony Ching Siu-tung (action director of many HK sword wire-fu movies w/ his last one being House of Flying Daggers) is attached to the Dungeon Siege movie. It looks kinda meh, but i like Statham and Liotta. Last but not least, Jet Li's biopic of Fok Yun Gap (fok-yoon-gap)/Huo Yuan Jia (aka Fearless) has opened it's official English site some days ago w/ a very cool teaser.

And the reason why I got a School Rumble pic today is mainly cuz of last week's announcement of the 舞-乙HiME DVD 1. With it, I had to change my AJ order around and combine the SR OVA w/ it to save money. So I'll have to wait until January to watch the goodness of Yakumo, Mikoto and Itoko in pristine quality :(. So for now, i'll just stare at this pic to cheer me up ^_^.

last minute edit: i just found out that Orchid Seed is releasing the completed version of the Natsuki kit (same pose as the one in the MH FG Idol Mook)that they had a while ago for this December. It's available for preorder at HLJ. Being a great Natsuki whore, it's a must for me. This will no doubt be my most expensive fig. I know I should get the Mai one too, but I really can't afford her *sniff sniff*. December's gonna be great Natsuki goodness as I got the GS one too.


Anonymous said...

That Natsuki figure looks really nice. However, I really want a nice Shizuru or Haruka figure. Why can't CM's Corp release them?!

bakaboobie said...

Maybe I should just cancel my pre-order for the GSC Natsuki and get this one instead... But then I would have to cancel my pre-order for Mai as well.. Decisions, decisions.

bakaboobie said...

By the way, since YesAsia has that clearance sale, I highly suggest picking up the School Rumble game for the PSP. ;)

R8 said...

hmm...i don't know, 30 bucks US for a game on a system that i don't have...yeah. It is kinda tempting. I'm picking up the PSP MH only cuz of pure fanboy-ness, plus it's a fighting game instead of 'date-sim-adventure' like SR. I'll be playing the MH on my friend's PSP and since it's fighting he'll be "cool" but w/ SR he'll be "WTF..boring" ^^. Plus, I'm gonna be such a poor boy (like everyone else) when December arrives.

Yeah, the GSC Natsuki isn't all that great looking, her pose is kinda boring but what they hey, i dig it. Which Mai didja have preordered? I'm assuming the MF one, i got that one along w/ Chun Li preordered. I really want the OS completed Mai but just can't afford it ;_;, oh well, Natsuki is da SHITE.