Sunday, March 19, 2006

V vor Voluptuous & Vivacious

Checked out the much hyped V for Vendetta last night w/ my girlfriend. Both of us enjoyed the movie. I didn't research much about this movie going into it as I didn't want to spoil meself. I knew about this movie though when Portman first shaved her head which raised the media a year ago. that action alone had me hooked and interested. The wachowskis name being added onto the movie didn't do much for me in terms of publicity as I was never a huge fan of the Matrix movies but did enjoy it for its entertainment. I also only saw one of the trailers that didn't tell me so much and didn’t read any reviews. So yeah, i only knew this was based on a comic book and portman was in it. Thinking it was a comic book movie, i was expecting a lot of action, much to my surprise, there isn't. There's about 3 action scenes worth mentioning about and the last one was just poetry in motion. You can see the Wachowskis influence or directing touch in the final battle, then again, McTeigue was assitant director of the matrix movies. The movie reminded me more of Batman Begins w/ a heavier focus on drama and characterization. Portman's Evey is given the most development while V mostly serves as a messenger trying to convey his message throughout the entire movie. He's not given much development aside from what we're given from part of his past. nevertheless, he's still an entertaining character w/ some witty lines and kick ass skills. This is definitely the best movie IMO (in terms of high budget) to come out this year until the other big blockbusters (ie. M:I3, The Da Vinci Code, X3 etc.) come out. Next movie I plan to watch....Thank You for Smoking. That movie looks awesome. I just have to find it since it's a limited release. So I'll end of w/ a pic of Portman. Which V does she stand for? well, that's for you to decide ;).

Hisayuki presents Haruka today who qualifies as both Voluptuous and Vivacious IMO...hawt ^^.
I picked up Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition today. U don't know how big of a deal this is as it wasn't suppose to come to Canada. After reading the gamefaqs forums today, i found out that some places in Canada got the LE after it was said that the LE wasn't coming and preorders were downgraded. So, I went and called EVERY (yes EVERY) EBgames in my city (we don't have gamestop). Only a handful of stores got the LE and the workers themselves were surprised to get it. They were all sold out two days ago (there was like less than 10 in my city including mine). Luckily, one store that I called in the east end of my city (i live in the southwest) had it. So obviously, i rushed there to get it in a matter of half an hour (i was flying on the highway/freeway). Heh, the guy even gave me the Saga DVD which was for preorders only. Yup, that was the hilight of my day. MGS 3 Subsistence LE & Saga DVD for 57 bucks CDN! What's funny was my friend was telling me he's getting it later this week from a guy on ebay (from chicago) for 80 bucks US. He said that he might be able to hook me up w/ the seller since i really wanted it and the fact that i'm not a fan of ebay. Boy did i gloat and laugh at him after getting it today :P ^^.

Lastly, I still haven't forgotten my Cyber Formula theme, been a bit lazy and w/ today's post having quite a few pictures, so i decided to save the pic for next time.


somber said...

Very nice Haruka pic as well as that Maya pic.

V for Vendetta looks really cool. I hope to see it soon.

Those prices for Metal Gear 3 on EBay is just rediculous. Luckily I'm not a Metal Gear Fan. Though I am tempted to buy one and sell it on EBay :P.

bakaboobie said...

Still no OS Natsuki?

R8 said...

@ somber: heh, don't be one of those bums who buy on ebay and sell it afterwards as those are the mofos that are screwing those who really want it.

@ baka: I got it today!!!

freakcan said...

I'm undecided if want to get Subsistence. I have Snake Eater and my friend just got the reg edition of Subsistence. I'll probably just borrow it from him to play/watch the extras. Is there a big difference between the reg and LE? From my sources, it doesn't seem so.

R8 said...

@ freakcan: there's no difference between the LE and RE aside from the red box it comes in and the LE third disc which contains all the cutscenes from the game redited to make it flow like a movie. the TGS 2005 MGS 4 trailer is also on it.