Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MAX Boobage

First of all, triple break has finally updated his site w/ a pic of his 'mascot' chick and a pic of Rena and Maya presented above. also of note is that HLJ has shipped my Max Factory package featuring 3 awesome and well endowed babes (hence the title along w/ today's pics :P). These figs are Max Factory Mai from My-HiME, MF Kinu Nishimura Chun Li & Cammy (!!), totalling almost 190 bucks (CDN), not including the 20-30 dollar customs i'll probably be charged. These figs will most likely arrive in 2-4 weeks depeding on my luck as you can tell w/ my OS Natsuki. In case u've forgotten these 3 figs were supposed to be my last figs until the announcement of the Sei figs and MH Rangiku. As mentioned these will most likely be my last figs which will come in May. I am interested in this Natsuki & Mai fig which is based on the CardAss image i posted on my blog twice already. However, like most, i'm not digging the sculpting on the face due to my high standards and thus will be happy not getting them as I AM QUITTING! ^^. Anyways, exam month is coming up and i'm still left w/ assignements, not to mention my addiction to MGS 3 Persistence online!!!

Some anime news: A shakugan no shana movie after the tv series ends!! (i got more news but i can't post on aod due to it being closed)

the big game news today are: Photos of the Revolution
WE 10, Great possibility of Capcom's Studio 8 closing, God of War 2 official announcement, PS3 GDC (2)

And here's my 2nd fave Race Queen (next to famitsu's) from the Road to Infinity games, the Aoi Zip chick!


bakaboobie said...

So what's the other HiME/Otome book you posted?

R8 said...

which one? the 'artworks in my hime' one? or are you talking about he scoop book (which i won't get till next month ;_;).