Monday, March 20, 2006

Natsuki Lovin' loot

This is my recent March purchases. This includes: Orchid Seed Natsuki; Artworks in My-HiME artbook, which wasn't really worth the effort since all the pics are old and i already own, save for the 3 Bakuretsu art in it (though the Hisayuki artbooks already spoiled me of it); American Shadow Hearts 3 From the New World; Mai:HiME Bakuretsu PSP game; Bleach vol.20 HK edition; Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence and SAGA in which i got yesterday. I have some R1 stuff coming (ie. R1 My-HiME ^^) but don't feel like waitin' for it.

OS Natsuki came in today, and it just continues to show how I'm like the greatest Natsuki lover EVAR :P.

Natsuki Box (slightly damaged...fuck)
Natsuki Unopened
Natsuki Base
Natsuki Front
Natsuki Back
Natsuki Looking at U
Natsuki's Ass
Natsuki Stomach

Rest of MGS3 Subsistence:
The 3 Keepcases
the back of the 3 Keepcases

I checked out the Theater Disc (not all) and SAGA yesterday. Good supplementaries. the MGS 4 trailer is on the SAGA disc and Theater Disc. However the Theater Disc is a PS2 DVD ROM and not a DVD Video that I thought it was. So it kinda sucks that you can't fast forward the movie but u can still skip chapters. Is it worth it? Definitely for the MGS fans, otherwise, not worth spending over 50 bucks US for the casual fans.


WRex said...

Good stuff. How are the pics from the Mai Otome artbook?

freakcan said...

What's in the first keepcase for MGS3LE?

R8 said...

@ wrex: thanks. that's like my most expensive fig that i bought EVAR. Are you talking about this artbook? Cuz it's a My-HiME 'artbook' and not the Otome artbook ;). The Otome scoop book comes out later this month (64 pages) and the Hisayuki book had a decent amt. which i posted previously. This 22 page artbook that comes w/ the PSP game mainly features old that can be found in the MH Destiny book as well as Megamis and other mags. Only 3 pictures were made exclusive to the book but they're available in the Hisayuki book (which i took photos of). Hope that answered your question.

@ freakcan: The first keepcase is the SAGA DVD which is actually entitled 'Vol.1'. It's a preorder bonus and doesn't come w/ the game itself. Only available at EBgames and gamestop. It's basically a half hour feature w/ Kojima explaining the concept of all the Metal Gear games and Metal Gear Solid games along w/ narration. There's also trailers to MGS4 (2 of 'em), MGS 3 Subsistence (3)and Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (2).

Zanza said...

sweet haul brother. hope you had a fun St. Patty's day ^.^

Anonymous said...

How much did the Natsuki figure cost? Very nice

R8 said...

thanks zanza. St.Patty's day was good. well from what i remember of it :P.

@ anonymous: that fig cost me about 130 bucks CDN. It's my most expensive fig and one of the reasons why i need to quit collecting 'em ^^.