Thursday, March 16, 2006

Luck of the Irish

St.Patty's day is tomorrow, i'll be too hammed to make a post :P. It's gonna be the usual 'drink thru the night'. I think we're starting at 11 tomorrow morning. So yeah, finally have a bit of free time as i got most of my school work done now, however, a couple more assignments just popped up for next week so i'll be busy once again. Who might this chick be? well she's miss ireland and was crowned miss world in 2003, rosanna davison.

I haven't gotten anything lately, 'cept for Eng. SH3 (still unopened) and my Artworks in My-HiME PSP book came in the mail a couple of days ago thanks to my bitching at YesAsia. Still no sign of OS Natsuki, SAL is taking forever :(.

My-Otome 23 was interesting cuz Mai finally shows up. Very enjoyable and had some comedic moments. Yummy fanservice too. Dug Natsuki & Mai (of course), as well as Miyu and Nao (looking very cool w/ her slicked back hair) in the onsen scene. Some interesting revelations pertaining to Miyu and the baby as well as Mikkoto's history. She's the last of the HiME w/ the exact same HiME mark on her arm as she had in MH. Nina offering herself to Sergay is fucked in a tabooish kind of way. i understand her feelings but still... Erstin being alive in the preview was whacked. I mean i was expecting a happy ending similar to MH where everyone will come back to life but so soon?....interesting. Anyways, cool to see more of the connections between both series right now, but cutting it close w/ only 3 episodes left. otome is so much weaker than hime as it's not striking the right balance of story telling and action that made MH awesome. Now we're probably gonna get a bunch of fights that are short and crappy (or maybe even off screen fights) w/ the cooler and undersused meisters coupled w/ story/dialogue during the fights resulting in another rushed (and probably crappy) ending. Oh yeah, i also posted the cover to DVD 4 at AoD

Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out soon, i don't plan to get it anytime soon even after release but for those interested in the voices, u might want to check these vids out featuring some of the FFVII characters (who will have the same VAs in April Advent Children). These vids contains some spoilers so beware: Vid 1, vid 2, vid 3. As i said before i played the original in Japanese. Aside from the non Disney characters, I like Sora's (Haley Joel Osment), Sephiroth's (George Newbern) and Yuffie (Christy Romano) and Axel's voice. Can't say the same for the other FF characters. That doesn't even sound like Mena, not even one bit even if she's in character. Anyways, i'm not digging it.

Lastly here's another hot pic to finish the post, Kathy Ireland (though she's not Irish :P)
have fun and safe st.patrick's day y'all!


Acolyte said...

Have a good one and a lot of green beer!

R8 said...

thanks man. i did ^^, and i'm still not done for the night, been pacing as usual. bring on more leprechauns!