Monday, February 13, 2006

What I'm hoping for tomorrow ;)

As usual Sakura has done the usual update w/ Otome fanart. The Shizuru one looks fucked up due to the pose. Two Erstin ones, the one above and the other in her coral outfit (which looks meh to me). Once again, there's another nudie pic of mai.

seems i was misinformed yesterday as there was no Leafs vs. Sens, seems my friend got the schedule wrong and got me hyped for nothing. Anyways, I did manage to watch Shaun White's run from the halfpipe yesterday. Man, that flying tomato is awesome!

FFVII AC's R1 release info was announced today. That's cool but it's lost it's hype and I didn't really care for it much. The Eng. dub cast looks interesting.
It also seems that the Discipline R1 uncensored DVD has watermarks, well that sux. Not like Discipline is that great anyways (in terms of animation IMO).
Tekken has been officially confirmed for the PSP after the rumours of it surfaced last week. More details to come says Famitsu.
After announcing last week that Sega has registered the Yakuza or Yaku"s"a name by Gamefront, Game Informer announced that that game is indeed the very cool Ryu ga Gotoku game.

and that's my rant for today, gotta prep up for vday tomorrow. i'm prepping up to cry at how empty my wallet will be.

Running a little low on cool (non CG) From the New World art, so i'll just present an edited page featuring Shania:


bakaboobie said...

Hot steamy buns, up and ready for everyone! :P

Btw, did you order your Mai-HIME PSP game from YA and got a cancellation notice as well? I did for some unknown reason.

Anonymous said...

what's the sakura website link