Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dirge of Lucrecia

First off, if you never played FFVII or do not want to be spoiled of Dirge of Cerberus, then i suggest you turn away from this post as this will focus on elements of both but mostly DoC.

So w/ that out of the way, i just want to say that i checked the all FMVs of this game a couple of days ago and as mentioned before, they're beautiful cuz they're the same calibre as Advent Children. The game has almost 30 mins of CG FMV (ending is 10 mins but 4 mins is devoted to credits and Gackt's song), most of the game uses in game cutscenes like other FFs and games. Story does mostly deal w/ Vincent and his past w/ Lucrecia (who shows up in flashbacks most of the time using the game engine, she freaking looks like Aerith). Anyways, this game takes place 1 year after AC and Vincent is the hero who saves the world this time while Cloud is just his 'sidekick' :P. Cloud, Tifa and Barret show up in like 4 FMV scenes. Not much action. He swings his sword twice (shown in pics); Tifa does her signature Somersault (flip kick) on a Deep Ground Soldier and that's it for her. Yeah, not much action in the movies for them. Of all the FMV scenes, there's only 1 that I dug and that's the big battle. The Rosso vs. Cloud fight would've been sick if they showed it. Vincent is a bore w/ his Cerberus and when he transfroms, he's just a crappier version of Yuri from SH 1 & 2 (and not as cool IMO). Here's the caps:

the secret ending is interesting in the fact that it uses live action as well as CG and integrates them seamlessly. It could be all CG for all i know (in the same vein as Onimusha 3 where Takeshi Kaneshiro looks so lifelike). Other than that, I don't really care, since we get 'mysterious character' Gackt (decked out in Nomura designed clothing for upcoming tour) showing up near Weiss, walking on water, picking him up, turning into One Wing Gackt and flying away to go have sex w/ him elsewhere.

i also checked out Yakin 2 Operation 5 yesterday. I'll leave that for tomorrow since i'm too lazy (and tired) to go look for a pic in my HCG set ;).
Lastly, since ep.17 of My-Otome was just too amazing, here's the March Megami 舞-乙HiME pic (Aoi looks so happy here...hint...hint):
on a HiME note, YesAsia has shipped my GSC Natsuki finally (along w/ Shanghai Shanghai which they suddenly had in stock AFTER i cancelled it, the fuck?!)


bakaboobie said...

Hey dude...

Just wondering since you are a big Chun-Li fan, are you getting the moe Chun-li?

somber said...

Nice, I can't wait to get that game. Who's that in the lab coat? And who is that girl beside Red XIII? There's quite a few pics of her.

R8 said...

@baka: naw, not getting the moe CL. As moe isn't me ^^.

@somber: the guy in lab coat is Hojo, or it should be him, the intro takes place 1 year before and then skips to 3 years after. that new chick who looks a lot like Selphie is called Selke. She's a Deep Ground Soldier and plays enemey/ally role.