Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Prerequisites for Race Queens: Nice Cleavage

Watched the much anticipated Cleavage hentai. It was good stuff overall. There wasn't much action as i hoped there would be but it was enjoyable and fits the light hearted hentai that it is. Anyways, much focus on the 'sibs' as erika and yuto are the main charas and thus this episode needed to focus on them and their relation first. there's 3 scenes in total. first two consist of BJs and boobie-f***. Last scene is of course the main scene in which we get the foreplay as well as ramming. However, the main scene was quite short and thus i was disappointed. There was a potential yuri scene w/ Erika and Yuki but Yuki got rejected :P.

As usual, girls are pretty and megastacked thanks to Seishoujo's original designs, thus the art is really good. The animation is slightly better than Discipline's which is a plus, though the lack of action compared to Discipline could be a reason for this. However, recent D3 titles like Yakin 2 series and Ne-Chan have much better animation IMO than both titles in the sex department. Anyways, w/ much focus on Erika this episode, i'm anticipating my fave Sayaka Ichinose-sensei for the next episode.

Been watching Olympics most of the day. it's been a good day so far for Canada. 4 medals (2 gold, 2 silver). 1 in Nordic Skiiing Sprint this morning. 1 & 2 in 1500M Speed Skating mid afternoon. Just watched the 3000M Speed Skating Relay and currently watching the Hockey game of Canada vs. Russia. winner will face Finland who defeated USA earlier.

Also, my OS Natsuki has shipped from HLJ!!!! I used SAL thus it'll be a little while before i get it and get pics up. I also preordered the Alpha Sei fig cuz I AM Sei-obsessed and after watching the final volume of BakuTen again, it just reinforced me even more. DAMMIT! WHERE'S THE OVA?!!! That's been in the making for soooo long.

anyways, since i got no Ichinose Sayaka love today, i'll present some NSFW Sayaka CG love again.

Today's Cyber Formula Chick comes from the 'main' Sugo team. Looks like "Haruka"'s a race queen during her spare time :P. Obviously, if she was, she'd totally fit the bill w/ her nice figure and rack ;).


bakaboobie said...

FYI: Reina of Queen's Blade is getting a PVC-treatment.

This bodes well for having a partner for my MF Tokiha Mai. ;)

R8 said...

yeah, i know, i read that yesterday on beerman's site ;). don't think i'll get though :( for economic reasons.

bakaboobie said...

Hmm.. about Cleavage... WoW. It could use some more 'action', like you said, but 'Wow'. I enjoyed watching this one.

Zanza said...

hehehe, hey R8, i opened up your blog at work when my boss walked by. looking at the rather busty women, my boss remarked 'wow, she must have terrible back problems' HAHAHAHA

anyway, my reading break is sadly past, tho i hope you enjoyed yours. i am indeed watching the Olympics tho the loss of our hockey team (mens) was indeed heart wrenching. ah well, hopefully, we will pick it up in 2010! i will indeed still be here in Vancouver in 4 yrs, maybe you can come visit! =)

R8 said...

@ zanza, heh hope there was no trouble w/ the pics. yeah, my site is just barely work safe i'd say. w/ fab's site on hiatus (Where TF is he?), i'm doing my best offer some service ^^.

yeah, i was so depressed at our men's hockey team, i didn't like some of the guys gretz picked from the beginning and sorta had a feeling about this, but didn't realize they would suck this much. as for 2010, heh, i'm sorta thinking about it since i do have relatives as well as a few friends there.