Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kuga's no Cougar...yet

been busy w/ assigments and a midterm recently. all over today and it just so happens that my 2nd YA order came in today with my Shanghai Shanghai VCD (amazing yuen biao vs. sammo hung fight...i'll post some caps of how cool this fight is next time), the final series of Shin Seiki Cyber Formula GPX...SIN R3 (yesh, hisayuki yesh) and my GSC Kuga Natsuki sculpted by Miki Ousaka. So yeah, definitely happy and gonna have to watch SIN tonight. I'll probably dedicate a post to SAGA and SIN in the future. I plan to write about Yakin 2 ep.5 and KOF Another Day ep.3 tomorrow since i'm now preoccupied ;). Meanwhile, enjoy the pics.

Cyber Formula SIN Box Front
Cyber Formula SIN Box Back
Cyber Formula SIN DVDs (the release is like SAGA's if you're wondering)

Natsuki imprisoned
Natsuki in your face
Natsuki showing legs
Natsuki showing ass (sort of :P)
Natsuki showing arm
The requisite panty shot

and compare as we dare w/ the 1/10 scale of Natsuki w/ some other figs :P.

speaking of HiMEs, Shingo posted the CMS's My-HiME 2.5 trading figs yesterday. You can see what the new Shizuru one looks like. I personally still like the WHF exclusive along w/ Haruka. Anyways, these trading figs don't interest me much as I'm DONE w/ FIGS! RIGHT!? :P ^^. Miyu isn't featured but she can be seen in the pic below in Scarlet mode w/ gun. On another note CM's Carmen99 is sure looking fine...rawr.

2nd post, therefore 2nd pic of Shadow Hearts From the New World:


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Still waiting....


R8 said...

yeah man, soon.