Saturday, February 11, 2006

Girl, I can't 'Work it' In The Dark ...gimme light

Yeah, that's what i said last night :P...nah just kidding ^^. A pretty big update before I leave for work. so first, i'm gonna start off w/ Yakin 2 ep.5 which i saw about a week ago or so. There is 3 action scenes. 1 girl on girl w/ strap. They involve Sayuki and 'loli' Suzuka. Pretty 'meh' stuff, though surprisingly Suzuka looks much better here than she did in her dedicated episode (4) IMO. We then get to the gang bang of hottie Karen. It's pretty much you usual type of gang bang. nothing special, the usual 'turkey roasted style'. Some ppl might be turned off by that but even more so cuz she's being rammed by homeless bums near a park dumpster. then main girl Mana (who's been many thru many 'sufferings') is taken to the dumpster after her date w/ our main 'hero' and is pulverized there as well. she does it on top of garbage w/ Karen looking and buried underneath. This is all w/ the aid of Sayuki and Suzuka who've converted (like most hentai chicks). Mana, Karen and Sayuki are then tied to trees naked w/ their cherries fed to ants, yes, ANTS.
So yeah, tame stuff in the yakin universe pretty decent only cuz Karen finally makes her debut action. My fave futanari Riuru/Lilu (whatever) doesn't do much again, which sux as i'm still waiting for a dedicated scene of hers as those short spurts are crappy. Anyways, the animation and art are very good like the previous episodes. It's consistent D3 animation (not counting Inko and Inbo), so you get better than 75% of Milky titles but not quite up there w/ the Discovery and (most) Pink Pineapple titles. Since Karen was the focus, here's a Karen hcg from my set.

I watched KOF Another Day - In the Dark also about a week ago as it was broadcasted on the jpn showtime site. Probably the weakest episode in terms of fights. It does get the plot going a bit for MI 2 (which is what it's setting up). Basically K' and Maxima are doing their own mission again and is cutting the power cable. The Ikari team discovers this and intercept them. Little hints about the story is given like the Kyo Clone. So yeah, K' and Max are discovered, they jump on board the subway train. Leona's signature earring shows up and fighting ensues. Leona gets some good signature moves on K' while Maxima has to take on BOTH Ralf and Clark (K' is such a pussy :P). K' just pulls a punch, knee assault and a iron trigger (which didn't look cool at all). Maxima does one of his cannon moves on clark who does one of his sig grappl moves (i don't play as them, so don't know the name specifically). Ikari team accuses them of kidnapping dr. makishima but that's also who they're looking for. They stall (fight) for a bit and jump on to another train. Ralf sees Whip/Muchiko (along w/ Kula) and is surprised (Whip used to be on the Ikari team and switched to K's team cuz of her relation to the game to find out their relation ;)). So, Whip and Kula come see Max and K'. K's kinda hurt since (he got his ass kicked by leona :P) he's not robo. Maxima says, "How was that partner, flashy eh?", K' responds "Too flashy idiot", which i found kinda funny. So Heidern, Whip and Kula makes cameos, none of them say anything (Kula gasps). Leona doesn't say anything either 'cept for some grunts. So, in the end, a meh episode simply cuz they showed too many characters in the short running span while also trying to include some story w/ lacking fights. and now the caps:

dicking around w/ Hisayuki's site does have it's advantages, here's another pic of my very awesome meister Mai along w/ some photos of new art (and old) from the HiME x ä¹™HiME cardass. I found slightly bigger pics of the Arika x Mashiro card as well as the Arika x Nina x Mashiro card. Still looking for the Shizuru x Arika card.
this full version pic is for acolyte who's been asking me forever about it. It was my previous avatar. i'll reveal the name next time. Maybe some can guess or actually knows :).
3rd pic (of 7) of my From the New World theme:


Acolyte said...

Thanks man. She's Fucking HOT!

somber said...

Hopefully there will be a DVD for that KOF anime. It looks really good, though I don't follow the games.

I really like the Mai artwork there. And like Acoltye, that girl is really beautiful. Wish I had a boss or co-worker like her :D.