Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Racing Angel Heart 3rd G.I.G

Yeah, i got my amazon canada package today. just some r1s: Burst Angel 5 & final volume 6 (i love you sei) and GitS SAC vol.3 SE ("yay free gits figs" /end sarcasm) which includes one of my fave episodes for this season (ep.11). Next SE of GitS i intend to get is vol.5 as i've sort of let it be known in the past that i love ep.17 ;). Also that volume contains the awesome episodes of 18 & 20. Vol.4's episode 14's Poker Face is really awesome too.

Before you continue reading, this is a Shadow Hearts From the New World related post and thus the following pics below will contain spoilers. Today's post will focus mainly on Shania's Fusions and a future post will focus on the endings and a few fmvs. So be warned if you intend on playing this game. So, i'll start off first w/ my rant and my cyber formula theme w/ the Vap campaign chick.

Shingo has posted his pics from WHF 2k6 and man, the figs look awesome. Lot of Natsuki figs (love the twin pistols/element one) which i hope are exclusives so it won't tempt me. What really tempts me is the BakuTen Sei figs, the one in her bathing suit from ep.15 and the one in her normal getup from R2 Box 4 pose. I hope those are exclusives too or garage kits only, otherwise i must GIT *cries*. Both Carmen99 is really tempting along w/ the minis of her and the girls in bathing suits. Dannychoo has also got his 'part 2 of WHF' up w/ some awesome pics as well (ie. RANGIKU!!!). Also, beerman posted his collection of WHF links. Anyways, i hope the figs i really like aren't easily accessible :P.

My-HiME news: As always, i brought news to AoD w/ the official My-HiME Bakuretsu PSP site being updated w/ movie clips of sample combos from 8 characters. Now if you haven't watched the anime and intend to, i suggest you not go there and not continue reading the rest of this paragraph. So yeah, the game looks and animates like shit. backgrounds are fugly w/ nothing animated and interesting to look at ('cept for the forest stage w/ Kazu-kun/Kazuya :P). Some of the combos look sort of cool but is a pain if i have to watch the same animated sequence for the super move i pull over and over again. i mean, i was so sick of watching those akane and mikoto super combos. I really hope you can skip those anime scenes cuz i)they're long ii)they slow the pace down in a fighting game and iii)they're boring cuz they're ripped from the anime. Either way, i'll be have a decent time w/ it only cuz i love the series and just want it for the sake of my collection and the fact that i'm a fighting game aficionado as well HiME/ZHiME Hisayuki
aficionado ;) :P.

Of Olympic note, watched the woman's hockey game yesterday, Canada raped Sweden as expected and lived up to the hype. While Men's barely held off the Czechs today...man they suck. Also just want to note that our female goalie (Charline Labonte) is cute and during the awards ceremony i noticed that Team USA's captain (Krissy Wendel) is friggin' hot! Speaking of hotties, I watched the ladies figure skating short program only for Sasha Cohen who finished in #1 position today. YEAH BABY!! Sarah Meier from Switzerland is pretty hot too, but Cohen beats out everyone EASILY :D.

Shadow Hearts From the New World Spoiler ALERT

So yeah, SH3 is coming soon and i've been watching and sorta playing my friend's save file of the JPN game. Today i'm gonna present Shania's CG fusions which is what i'm sure most horny fanboys would enjoy as she goes mostly nude. the Demo and Game OP as you know shows a bunch of CG clips that will be shown in the game. you see bits and pieces of Shania's CG fusion and one CG fushion gets the most attention and that is the Tirawa fusion (the one w/ the jiggling boobs in the fiery background). Gonna go in order w/ Ta tanka, La Siren and Tirawa. Thunderbird is actually the first fusion you already have, but since it's available on many sites, i'm gonna refrain from showing that CG. I'm also gonna refrain from the 15 sec. in-game stripping transformations as they ARE quite short, but still very yum and i'm a lazy ASS :P. So yeah, Shania gets a tattoo for each fusion she gets. Thunderbird is the tattoo on her back and i'll reveal where the others are now.

all fusions require the jiggling of boobs and stripping. So glad Yuri didn't have to do this :D.

Ta Tanaka: tattoo in the groin area, poo-see snatch :P

La Siren: tattoo on the ass

Tirawa: the one seen most often, tattoo on the boobies!!!

oh yeah, RPGgamer has a pretty crappy review (in terms of content) up. nothing too interesting imo. It got a 4/5 from them which i would not have cared either way as i love the game like SH2.


Zanza said...

heh, hey R8! long time no talk!

just got my Gits SAC 2nd Gig vol 3 SE the other day as well, figs are kinda cool! i'm looking forward to the next volume, so i can get Batou and get closer to completing this laughing man thing. =)

R8 said...

SUUUP Zanza! You on reading week?
anyways, yeah, i got the SE for vol.3 cuz of that one awesome episode and cuz i love this cover. The motoko fig is kinda cool but i don't have much room to display her. think i might keep her in plastic and box. yeah, next volume is gonna be sick (ep.14!!) and i somewhat want the SE but i kinda wanna save money too. So no fig and 5.1 will have to do. Hope you're watching the olympics, Canada doing awesome this year. Hope you'll still be in vancouver for 2010 :P.