Friday, February 24, 2006

Fighting Junkies

This is mostly a hentai overview post of this month's release. So I'll start off Mrs. Junkie which is also my pick for hentai of this month. Mrs. Junkie has the same team of animators and artists as Milky's Milk Junkies. Thus, the art and animation was fabulous and much better than Cleavage's IMO. And unlike Cleavage, Mrs. J delivers in the action department w/ 5 scenes. 3 penetration scenes, 1 w/ Kyouka playing w/ herself(using a vacuum) and 1 BJ scene w/ Hayami that's as good and tasty as Strigendo's many BJ scenes :P. Anyways, this is great stuff just like Milk Junkie was. Fans of that series should not be disappointed w/ this quasi-sequel to Milky's Milk Junkie that is based on game 2 as game 1 was adapted by Vanilla and called Bakunyuu Oyako, which will be released in R1 soon. Milk Junkie 3 is still up for grabs, let's hope Milky will do the right thing. And who's my fave of the two? obviously kyouka.

i'll eat something off ya...not the stuff in the spoon :P.

I have the HCG set of Kininaru Roommate but it's on a back up disc and i don't feel like searching for it just to add a pic or two here, maybe in the future. Anyways, ep. 2 of this hentai keeps the similar and much inferior (to the beautiful manga) art. It's simple but still nice and doesn't distract much. There are moments of inconsistencies. The animation is on par w/ ep.1 and is very good. It's your usual above average Milky: Not as good as Mrs. Junkie, better than Vanilla titles and on par w/ certain D3, Animac & Himagin titles. There's 3 great action scenes and each fulfills the foreplay and main course. The 1st action scene is the best w/ Ai (obvious my fave), it's also quite lengthy. Hazuki's next, her scene was okay but her voice is annyoing. Lastly we have main girl Rei. Her scene was quite short but still good.

from top-left clockwise: Ai, Ai ( hawt), Rei, Hazuki

I checked out the new Valkyrie Shinsou OVA and it was okay. Good thing about it is that there's lots of sex and the animation is pretty decent throughout. Bad things: boring sex scenes, art is too average and bugs/'caterpillars'. While i don't find caterpillars gross (having seen kurohime years ago), some might, which is why i listed it. It just felt boring to me and only ep.1 of the original was the best that this series offered.

Ryuusei Tenshi Primaval proved pretty interesting surprisingly enough. It's your usual mahou sentai kind of hentai, 'cept it reminded me of pretty cure and sailor moon. Pretty cure cuz there's only 2 mahou chicks and SM cuz of the colors of their outifts and cuz they wear....sailor outfits. Anyways, as usual w/ these types we get perverted race raping female citizens, so we see bits and pieces of that. there's only 1 main action scene but it's long and extended as we get a 1 on 1 raping followed by a gang bang. The art is AVERAGE as hell but the animation is pretty good. It's just slightly below Kininaru IMO. there's also some very good fighting animations which is better thant the crappy fillers of Naruto. Some might want to give this one a watch just for the fighting in this hentai. You'll enjoy this one but will totally forget about it afterwards.

I mentioned in this post w/ a description of the SF2 issue 5 covers, here they are along w/ the very awesome covers of issue 6 and some RS ones as well.
Street Fighter 2 #5

Street Fighter 2 #6

Rival Schools issue ?

stuff i want to mention about the olympics today: GOLD for Canada in Men's Curling and finals of ice hockey will be Finland vs. Sweden. I'm rooting for finland only cuz I really like Saku Koivu, though it wouldn't be bad if Sweden won either. They're both good. i'm just happy that russia lost and ovechkin will get either nothing or bronze. yeah, i'm not a fan of ovechkin, though i have to admit, the guy IS amazing.

Lastly, YesAsia has shipped my Mai-HiME Bakuretsu PSP game (even though i don't own a PSP...gonna give my buddy a call :P) along w/ HK Bleach vol.20. This is great but also bad since my card is charged like hell ;_;.

NSFW pics: Kyouka and Hinako of course.

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I was also disappointed in the Canadian Men's Hockey team. With all that star power and they couldn't even score! Shut out in 3 of the last 4 games. That was just sad.