Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"King" of Fighters

First i just want to say Happy 4th of July to my fellow American neighbours and hope y'all have a good time today w/ fireworks and all.

Today's dish:

I sure would like to play the Bastard Online (Game Watch link), I mean wouldn't you....

PS3 loses Assasin's Creed exclusivity (rumour) - that's another blow to Sony as it was the best PS3 looking game at E3. Anyways, i'm just laughing at Sony and how confident they are losing some of these games. Now i'm not a Sony hater but the price is causing developers to think otherwise for the system. I'm seriously hoping for them to lose the console wars for the 1st year of its release. It's all about the Wii baby!

Kikizo posts a very interesting interview w/ the Microsoft guys regarding the 360 and its future
Sakaguchi/Toriyama Blue Dragon will be taking part of the Jump Super Game Tour this year - very exciting stuff as fans of Shonen Jump mangas will see some very cool games
SE/Nintendo's Mario 3 on 3 site open

Impress Game Watch shows off some screenshots of their 2nd Capcom Classics Collection - King of Dragons and Knights of the Round sure brings back memories in the arcades. I remember spending so much quarters to finish the games w/ strangers. KoTR's 3 player arcade cabinet was just sweeet. I actually think i saw King of Dragons at a bowling alley some weeks ago :P. The boxart for this collection is just sweet Capcom greatness as usual.
Famitsu's got some Star Fox Command (DS) shots & info
More Square Enix's 360 Project Sylph (Korean) scans

Now, i was never quite a fan of King since Art of Fighting. When i first played the game, i had thought she was guy when i fought her. It wasn't until the 'ripping' of the clothes that i found out King was a chick. Her artwork for the AoF games weren't too good either. It was the KoF series that made her more applealing to me cuz you HAD to play as her in KoF '94 for Team England if you want the chick team. I started to really play as her in '98 and the Capcom vs. SNK series. Despite being pretty good as her (surprisingly) i never really got into her hardcore. I only play as her in casual matches now. Nevertheless, she's an awesome character to play (venom strike, double strike, trap shot) and hawt tomboy + 'oneechan'. King & Ryo forever ^^.


Fisherman Horizon said...

R8, what's this jump super game tour about? Is it amost the same thing as Jump Superstar for Nitendo DS where lots of jump magazine characters battle with each other? Also seem to have cardass involved or was it just promotion.

Hope to hear from you. :) and thanks.

johnny said...

Yeah, that new Capcom Classics looks sweet.

That Assassin's Creed non-PS3 exclusive news was a bit of a shocker too.
I've been looking into getting a 360 (although I have no love for MS or the xbox) in the run up to the PS3 but I know it will be abandoned as soon as the PS3 and Wii hit. It's mainly for RR 6.

You still playing Winning Eleven 10? Man that game is SO FUCKING GOOD! So much better than the slow, defense based WE 9. Only problem is it's far, far too easy on the default 3 stars setting. 4 stars however, is absolutely perfect.
Oh yeah, I ordered the intro single too. Amazing song.

R8 said...

@ fh: no, the jump super tour is bascially an anime and manga fair. Video games based on the Jump titles are usually also shown alongside during the fair, hence the bleach, one piece wii and dbz games etc. Blue Dragon is there mostly due to Toriyama's involvement. Huge video game companies are also sponsors for the show (Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Sega, Konami, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Takara Tomy etc.). As for the cardass, i'm not sure, it could be a promotion.

@ johnny: yeah, the xbox is too 'american' and fps game oriented (which i loathe). the only game that i really want to play is the Rockstar Table Tennis game (seriously). Other than that, there isn't a must-have game for me for the 360.

Naw, i haven't been playing WE10 much, i spend whatever time i can on unlocking the rest of SDBZ. Nice job on the intro song. i got it not long after finding the music video + mp3s. made my comments in this old post. it is indeed awesome and addictive.