Monday, July 10, 2006

The Beauty Unmasked

So here's the loot I got exactly one week ago today. I've just been busy and lazy. My mangas are always HK versions, so yeah, a couple months behind the JAP tanks. Anyways, the mangas include random volumes of Go Da Gun that I'm collecting. There's sixteen volumes in total and its done. I've been a fan of Katakura Masanori's work since I found out about Mahou Tsukai Kurohime just over a year ago and thus i went on collecting that. I hope it'll be turned into an anime someday as there is a PS2 game for it, so it had some popularity. Go Da Gun is one of his early works before Kurohime and that is why i'm collecting it. GDG is more of your typical shounen fighting manga as there's fights galore (and tons of hawt chicks). It's more my style than Kurohime was, which is more comedy, story and some gun action. While the western setting is cool (for Kurohime), it wasn't my taste, nevertheless, a good manga IMO. So i got off topic :P, the others include Bleach vol.22 and Black Lagoon vol.5. Also, my 'final' figure, Alter Sei since i'm like the greatest Sei lover there is :P :D. I'm having great debates about picking one more figure up and really torn between it. I'll see.

So yeah, my impressions on the Alter Sei are so so. It's great for the priced paid (about 45-50 CDN). The sculpting is really good overall. It came W/ a BASE (unlike Vice's). It's a good size (obviously to go w/ Alter's other BakuTen figs) and great Boobage ^_^. My only problem would lie w/ the face. It's nothing too bad, but it just doesn't really look like Sei especially when i compare it w/ the awesome face (& sculpting) of my Vice Sei. The pose isn't too exciting either as it's almost the same as my mini Sei fig that was included w/ the R2 Sei Box. Anyways, i still like it a lot and hopefully there will be a Sei fig in her bikini outfit that will be mass produced.

Wish I could've included my R2 DVD Sei fig to complete it, but that's all the way home :P.

Game News:
Bleach Heat the Soul 3 Official site update!!! They added the final 2 new characters that i mentioned about in my last post, along w/ movies (as usual). They also opened the Special section w/ the new original anime story!! It's the play mode i mentioned about. It involves Don Kanonji and his new team of Karakura Heroes....members from Soul Society...LOL :D. We got Byakuya as Karakura Blue, Renji as Karakura Red, Hitsugaya as Karakura white and Soi Fong as Karakura Black (you gotta see Soi Fong's reaction...too awesome :D). This mode also involves some new anime scenes specifically for it as one can see from the movie clip.
Itmedia posts some Rigde Racers 2 shots that Ruliweb 'jacked'
Chaos Wars official site posts some new wallpapers!
There's some nice cover art of the upcoming Simple 2000 games @ Ruliweb. The Fire Fighting Banchou's (that i mentioned last post) cover looks SICK!
Some Kinnikuman PS2 shots. Official site can be found here.
Ruliweb posts Wii RPG (that i don't care about) shots, taken from
A glimpse of Taito's Mushihime Best cover - it's old art but i never get old of TK's stuff. This remeinds me that i still need to beat the game...too hard 4 me though ;_;
Naruto RPG 3 DS shots....meh, i shouldn't have bothered.
It's been announced that Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker will be playable at Jump Super Tour 2k6! Sweet BOTH Toriyama designed games!!!
Xboxyde has the first 7 minutes of Capcom's Dead Rising taken from Japan Expo

Lastly, there's a bit more info of Jingi Storm from Ruliweb!! I've known about this game for a month now. The Professor from MMcafe first reported it. It's bascially a fighting game but it involves characters stripping, yes STRIPPING! Heh, that's one reason to get me interested. The game is a 3D fighting game and as you can see, there's girls and guys (in the background), however from the beta testing, Professor mentioned it was mostly guys who were playable and the girls are partners that strip if they lose. These are presented by 2D illustrations drawn by different artists (as one can tell from the link). So yeah, inspirations definitely come from the hentai, Tournament of the gods, Variable Geo games (the PC games as it was a no no for consoles) and prolly the recent Battle Raper games. Definitely not a game for the kiddies, but it's surprising that it'll be in the arcades even though it's somewhat tame IMO. The fighting system doesn't seem to be great from the reports and is reminiscent of Sammy's lost and never officially released, Force Five. meh, a new fighting game is always exciting for me and add to the fact that there's HCGs...sweeet!! HAHAHA.

Rockstar copies Trump, "You're Fired"

I decided to skip out on the KoF theme today but will make up for it.

July 11 9:05 AM EST edit:
Don't think i'll be doing an update today as I got things to attend to (work, school registration etc.), however, I just had to present this, My-Otome vol.8 that shows 2 of my Primary 3!!! Man, if they put Midori instead of Mikoto (the original 3 valkyries), that would've been PEEERRRR-FECT!
The official site was also updated (w/ the usual new top page covering dvd 7 finally), namely a new episode for the net radio, and net tv. The CD section also updated w/ cover of the Otome best collection and the comic section updated w/ vol.5 cover. Lastly, it does seem the OVA will be called Zwei as the OVA section updated their logo.


johnny said...

Heh, that stripping game definitely has me intrigued ;)

Oh yeah, you taking requests for characters for your KoF theme? :P

Fisherman Horizon said...

surprise to hear that you're after HK version manga too. :)

so where do u usually get them, yesasia as well?

R8 said...

@ johnny: Yeah, i'm sorta looking forward to seeing 'more' of JS. The official site, for some reason isn't working anymore, i hope it'll be up again. Sure, I'll take requests for KoF characters, juss name 'em!

@ FH: heh, yeah, almost all my mangas are HK versions, it helps build/improve/maintain my Chinese skills :P. I'm not that great but fairly competent. Been Collecting them for years now. I do get most of 'em off YesAsia now since it's cheaper whereas I use to rely on the Chinese book stores or relatives ^^.

johnny said...

Heh, I don't think they're your type if you know what I mean, but I think Malin and Momoko are cool ^ ^

DiGiKerot said...

Oooo, thats another nice ZHiME cover. I kind of wish they didn't use those plain white backgrounds, though.

Oh, and that Xenosaga image you wanted ^^;

R8 said...

@ johnny: heh, i'll see what i can do ^^.

@ digi: Sweet, thanks for the image! Did Tanaka do the designs or redesign for III? Cuz i heard she wasn't as involved in the series like she was w/ II. The art style also looks like hers but sorta doesn't.