Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Breasts from the Heavens

Goddess and Angel to be exact. My Rangiku actually came last week and I got my Vice Sei (aka Alpha Sei) today. Alter Sei was shipped last Friday but I won't be getting it for another two weeks. Meanwhile you can check out some awesome shots of her at Akibablog and Moeyo.

I sorta made myself infamous at Anime on DVD for being THE Sei lover (yeah something besides and before HiME/ZHiME fanatic :P) from Bakuretsu Tenshi/Burst Angel as I would constantly mention my love for her as well as my frequent use of avatars of her. I also got the very expensive R2 Sei box just for the art and the fig. Needless to say, my devotion and love for her was quite unmatched. I just totally loved Ugetsu Hakua's character design for her. So anyways, i was very excited when i first saw the Alter fig of her at WHF, since there haven't been many Sei figs on wide distro. Vice's announcement of Sei had me surprised as it was revealed not too long after Alter's. I decided to get both since the quality and size from the R2 packed Sei was quite meh IMO. So was this 1/8 Sei really worth the 85 bucks CDN i paid? Not really I'd say for the casual fig collector or even hardcore and Burst Angel fans. This one is definitely for the Sei fans. First of all, at this price, 1/8 is rather small. Also, i didn't know that i was getting an 'open-ero-fig'. What i mean by that is your basic ero fig w/ nudity wide open to the public. I knew about the nipples, having seen them at akibablog, but didn't know her top did not actually cover her nips!. Thhere are also some other flaws that i'll mention below. I didn't take pictures of them since i suck w/ my camera and the big up close shots (that show the flaws) usually do not turn up well. I'll go into detail about it below.

So here's the packaging (no fuckin' base for 80+ bucks):

Here's the Sei PVC and all its removable parts

All angles of Sei w/ Jacket. Very good and no flaws whatsoever, except it covers too much :P. As you may be able to see, the detail on her face is just gorgeous...imo.

Now, Sei w/out jacket inspired from the Ugetsu pic (above from my Flamboyant artbook and for NewType Japan). All angles are shown, including a sweet ass shot. Two shots are edited to keep my site somewhat safer for minors. So yeah, as shown, one of her nipple is shown depending on the angle you want to display her. Her top apparently does not cover this. The top is either too short or her nipple was placed in the correct place. Now I don't know if the fig is supposed to be like this or a certain batch (or just mine) was made to have her nipple shown but i was quite surprised by it cuz i now have to hide it from underaged boys :P and it sorta looks like a defect -_-. One can also open the right side of her top to see the left breast + nipple if one wishes. Another flaw is some of the markings found just under the breasts near the clevage area. it's somewhat of a long mark and quite noticeable when you pick it up. And due to those flaws, i don't think i'll have this version of Sei on display much.

the NSFW and 18 & under (:P) nipple shots
1 nipple
2 nipples

Since some ppl already got the Rangiku before me, there's not much to mention about that hasn't been already said. A reminder that i didn't opt for Yoruichi cuz that fig was based on the anime counterpart w/ added coverage on her sexy back and side cleavage X(. Anyways, the Matsumoto Rangiku is a gorgeous MH figure and definitely worth the 40 or so bucks CDN. I didn't even get charged customs for her! Everthing is just awesome w/ her. Love the details, the facial look and obviously the AMAZING rack. Like all Megahouse Bleach figs, she comes w/ her own transparent/clear Bleach base w/ her name. Also included is her zanpakutou, Haineko, though it's stuck in its sheath.


All angles from the Cleavage of the Gods ^^.

And if you're wondering what colour of panties Rangiku wears than look no further. Akibablog took some pics (A WHILE ago) of Matsumoto in her panties. I just don't feel like wrecking my PVC to show this ;).

What's a big post w/out some My-ZHiME news ^_^ The final dvd (until the ovas come around), vol.9 will include a slew of stuff. There's gonna be another FP DVD for this volume. The FP dvd will include mainly cast interviews and roundtable talk discussion about the series after recording. It will also include the usual 12 pg. booklet. The features on the DVD include a My-HiME vs. My-ZHiME Part 2 (kinda like my posts :P) feature w/ Mai vs Arika again. A special feature broadcast on episodes 25 & 26 and lastly a non-credit ED for episode 26.

For those into gaming news and how i did in the tournament...here's my rant:

Well, my hands are still sore from the tourney. My best games were Tekken Tag and T5: DR. Mind you, my rank still wasn't that high. I pretty much sucked at everything else. Good fun though, and i'll be sure to practice most of the games at home when time allows. so here's my placements and characters used:

Tekken Tag Tournament: Jin/Heihachi, placed 10th of 40
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - Kazuya, placed 15th of around 50 ppl
SFIII: 3rd Strike - (i got my ass raped -_-) Ken, placed 27th of 36 ppl
KoF XI - Oswald/Gato/Beth/Jenet (i switched around w/ Beth and Jenet depending), placed 32 of 50

For the games i entered for 'fun':
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum - Terry/Robert, Robert/Yuki, placed 19th of 30
Guilty Gear XX Slash - I-no, placed 32 of 40
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Cable/Spiral/Sentinel, placed 41 (second last :P)
Fist of the North Star - Rei, placed 16th of 25 ppl
Garou: Mark of the Wolves - B.Jenet, placed 8th of 16 ppl

some game news i wanted to post about, but not too much since this post is pretty long already. So here are a few games that interested me today:
Persona 3 3rd trailer....YEAH BABY!
Soul Calibur 4 confirmed to be in the works
Interesting Super DBZ interview...a namco made DBZ by some of the staff from Tekken and SC in the future? maybe ^^
In Bleach-related news ^^, official Bleach Heat the Soul 3 site updated w/ 4 more characters: Komamura, Shinigami Rukia, Nanao (!) and Shuuhei...two more spots remaining...who will it be? Tatsuki (PLZ BE!), Kaien (likely), 1st Vice (doubt it), Marechiyo (hell no, me no want)....
Nintendo registers more trademarks
DBZ Sparking Neo/Budokai Tenkaichi 2 shots...yeah! Tapion (who looks cool but sux in the movie), Hildegarn and Fat Janemba!
Battle Stadium D.O.N. site was updated last week, nothing new, just some cleaner shots of old scans showing the other characters.
Heavenly Sword shots. Game is scheduled for Nov.17 in Europe according to the UK's official PS2 magazine.
New Tales games announced in Famitsu (Tales of Phantasia for PSP in Sept., Tales of Destiny for PS2, Tales of the World for PSP - which has new charas and old charas from other Tales games fighting together)

(Impress Game Watch Tales announcement shots of video)
Gyakuten Saiban 4 site updated finally w/ the scan news
More Metal Slug 6 Famitsu shots

Good win for Spain today!!! Good try Oilers good try ;_;.

June 21 8:00 AM EST edit:

To make this post even longer as it is (cuz i'm lazy for a theme), i'll just add some game news here

Famitsu scores
Chromehounds (Xbox 360, Sega): 9 / 7 / 8 / 9 - (33/40)
Spectral Force 3: Innocent Rage (Xbox 360, Idea Factory): 7 / 6 / 6 / 7 - (26/40)
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360, Ubisoft): 9 / 8 / 8 / 9 - (34/40)
Parfait: Chocolat Second Style (PS2, Alchemist): 8 / 8 / 7 / 7 - (30/40)
Tamayura (PS2, Yeti): 6 / 6 / 5 / 6 - (23/40)
SoulLink Extension (PS2, Interchannel): 7 / 7 / 6 / 6 - (26/40)
Metal Slug (PS2, SNK Playmore): 7 / 7 / 7 / 7 - (28/40)
FIFA Street 2 (PS2, EA): 8 / 7 / 6 / 7 - (28/40)
Iris no Atelier: Grand Phantasm (PS2, Gust): 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 - (32/40)
Festa!! Hyper Girls Party (PS2, Kid): 6 / 7 / 5 / 6 - (24/40)
Winback 2: Project Poseidon (PS2, Koei): 7 / 7 / 7 / 7 - (28/40)
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (PS2, Konami): 8 / 8 / 7 / 8 - (31/40)
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 100 The Otokotachi no Kijyuu Houza (PS2, D3): 6 / 4 / 3 / 4 - (17/40)
Chou Dragon Ball Z (PS2, Banpresto): 8 / 8 / 7 / 8 -(31/40) - that's a GREAT SCORE
Lisa to Isshoni Dairoku Oudan: AI Ressha de Gyoukou (PSP, Idea Factory): 8 / 7 / 6 / 6 - (27/40)
Find Love: Hara Fumina - Fuari no Futaride... (PSP, Capcom): 6 / 5 / 7 / 6 - (24/40)
Gurumin (PSP, Falcom): 8 / 8 / 8 / 7 - (31/40)
Finding Nemo: Touch de Nemo (NDS, Sega): 6 / 7 / 7 / 5 - (25/40)
Atama wo Kitaete Asobu Taisen Yajirushi Puzzle: Puppynu Vector One (NDS, Megacyber): 7 / 4 / 4 / 6 - (21/40)

Sparking Neo scans showing some of the missing movie characters: 1, 2

Bunch of Tales news as NB opens a bunch of their sites
Tales of Phantasia PSP official site
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology official PSP site
Tales of Destiny official PS2 site
Tales of Destiny 2 official PSP site
Famitsu wave shows off the Tales of Destiny announcement vid from yesterday
New Tales of the Aybss US trailer
And 2 new Tales of Destiny scans:

KOF NEOWAVE PS2 PAL shots....meh
One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii official Ganbarion site
Gametrailers has new vids of Magna Carta Portable, Sengoku Basara 2, Super Robot Wars OG & Atelier Iris Grand Phantasm
Latest Nintendo Power (and Wii) info...very interesting
More PS signature stuff

EA Acquires Mythic Entertainment - don't feel like pasting the press release nor linking
Another Iwata Interview
360 Price Drop?
Simpler 360 Controller?
Harrison talkes PS3 reaction and controllers

Oh yeah, my roomie & I just got KOF XI and KBWulong for PS2, so i'll be busy for a short while ^^, so don't expect any updates for a bit :P ^_^, latz.


muhootsaver said...

0_0... I love that Sei figure... Worth the money (too bad there's no base...but the figure rocks, so all is fine!). Nice shots of...erm...yeah.

Fisherman Horizon said...

If I'm correct, this is your longest post so far. :)

DJ Ether said...

I'm surprised that you well in Tekken as I thought you were better at 2D fighting games like KOF. I thought you'd place higher in XI but who am I to judge as I have no XI in arcade :).

johnny said...

Yo, I thought you would be the best person to ask this as a fellow perv and fan of these series (plus, I don't really think this would go down too well on AoD...).
Anyway, I'm looking for some doujinshi. I'm after the 'real' thing and not just stuff on a computer screen and basically some of the stuff I'm after (yeah, it's all H stuff ^^;) is Bleach (anything with Rukia), Naruto (any of the Naruto chicks) and some game series like KoF, Tekken etc etc.
Any ideas on where to start?

R8 said...

@ muhootsaver: yeah the fig does rock. It's really hard to say if it's worth the money depending on one. Nice shots of...what? :P ^^

@ fisherman horizon: really? i though my "it's not about fate" post was the longest (due to edits). This may and could be the longest post due to the pics, though i'm not too sure, however, i just made it longer today :D (again due to edits).

@ dj ether: well, i actually practice the Tekken games even more religiously than I do w/ 2D fighters. I like 2D fighters more, but i'm just not as good in them as I am in 3D fighters for some reason XD.

@ johnny: I'm not that big into doujinshi anymore. To get the reals stuff, you're best bet to get the real thing is on ebay, yahoo JPN auctions (then you have to go through a proxy service). Yuka Tan's store on ebay has quite a variety of the titles you're looking for. Good KOFs that i dug were done by Saigado. Some Bleach ones that i like are done by Crimson. Don't remember Rukia one (since i'm not into under developed chicks that much :P) 'cept for Grateful Dead. Go to doujin-world for a guide of what you want (u can also download all the stuff if you want thru IRC), then search ebay and YJ auctions. That's your best bet.

johnny said...

Awesome man, that's great thanks.
Oh, btw I loved:

"since i'm not into under developed chicks that much :P"

Now who would have guessed that? :D

R8 said...

heh, i just wish, i don't have any female readers that might hate me otherwise cuz of that ^^.

DJ Ether said...

Holy! You got KOF XI already? So lucky. I'm going to have to get my Playstation modded to play this as I'm not sure if there will be a US release :(. However scared to do so.

R8 said...

Yeah, me and my roomie got it quite early. played it like hell. Though he sux :P ^^. I had to finsh most of the missions in challenge mode (the harder ones). You definitely should get your PS2 modded (or get Swap Magic if you're scared) as i don't think there'll be a release and if so, it'll be AFTER the PS3 launch or it might be ported to Wii since SNK seems to have a better relation w/ Nintendo now w/ MS Anthology and all. PM me at CF and i'll let you know the details on playing PS2 imports and whatnot.