Friday, June 16, 2006

Legend of Mai Fighting Anthology

Just some stuff i got in the past couple of days. SF Alpha Anthology and My-HiME vol.2 R1 which finally arrived after the delay i mentioned about. Anyways, i don't even plan on playing/watching both of these products cuz A)i already played and finished SF Zero Fighter's Generation to death and B)I've already watched My-HiME to death being the HUMONGOUS fan that i am. Anyways, i'm tired after work (surprisingly getting more hectic), it's Friday, gonna have to chill w/ my gf cuz i'm gonna be busy on the weekend and need to prep up, thus i don't feel like posting game news (as much as there is today when i browsed through during break). Prep up you may ask? well, one who's familiar w/ my site knows how hardcore i am with fighting games and know how much i play them. Well, there's a local tourney that i entered some weeks ago. Nothing big as the grand prize is like 200 bucks, most of the other prizes is just bragging rights and gift certificates. Anyways, i entered a lot of games for the hell of it. Games i entered that i'm hoping to do well in are: T5:DR, Tekken Tag, KoF XI and 3S. Games that i entered for for fun were NGBC (as i own it), GGXX Slash (I-No's gotta represent) FotNS (i've actually been practicing for this), Garou (man was i surprised about this being there, thus i fired up my PS2 version last week to practice), MvC2 (i'm so gonna get schooled) and SS Tenka. so yeah, the ps2 has been getting quite hot (as i own most of these games save for T5:DR, KoF XI and FoTNS obvously) and i'm enjoying the site of blisters on my thumbs and hands ^^. There's quite a few people entering from the city and the biggest scene seems to be T5 DR, KoF XI, 3S, GGXX Slash and V4 FT. So yeah, here's hoping i do well X.

Oh, i've been meaning to post this for A WHILE now, but i always forget. Here are the covers to UDON's Street Fighter Legends: Sakura. It's planned for August, but you know how UDON's always late. The series is expected to be 4 issues in total. The main artist will be Omar Dogan who worked on the Street Fighter Comic and Darkstalkers comic, thus Cover A is done by him and B is done by my fave Alvin Lee. Cover A is looks great and i plan on getting both covers.

Anyways, Alter Sei is being ready to ship and if all goes according to schedule, i should be getting Alpha Sei next week.

With Argentina's raping on Serbia & Montenegro today, i present to you this very hawt Argentinian model and one of my faves. Do I know who it is? OBVIOUSLY I do, the question is DO YOU? ^^. If you do, kudos, then you know your global hotties.
As usual, I'm out for the weekend!


DJ Ether said...

A tournament? That sounds great. I can't wait see what play you come in. I wish we had tournaments, but we don't have much fans.
That Argentina woman is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My comment is not related to this post, but where did you get that onsen Mai/Natsuki pic in your banner ? Do you have a link for a bigger version ?

Thanks ;)

Acolyte said...

GUY! U gotta tell me who that chick is!

freakcan said...

Does that picture count as a nude pic?

R8 said...

@ anonymous: I have to search thru my 1+ gig folder of HiME/ZHiME pics. I don't remember exactly the name of it. I'll post it when i find it ;).

@Acolyte: i believe i already answered that at the UoAC forum :D.

@ freakcan: sort of, painted nude chicks (made popular by Sports Illus.) are a bit more acceptable than the full frontal ^_^. the original had her nipples showing more (she got big nips :P). I photoshopped it so it's a bit more user friendly on the front page. I can post/link the original version if you like ;).

Foxman said...

Hi, I think I now the face of that Argentina woman but I can't put a name on it and I don't know which forum is the UoAC forum so could you help me ?

PS: your blog is great ;)

R8 said...

@Foxman: hey Foxman, hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for the comment. I'll post the pic of the Argentina chick next time w/ name. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier as i've been busy, y'know, w/ games and all ^^.

Nicolas said...

her name is PAMELA DAVID