Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

Well, any fellow Canadian would know that tomorrow is Canada Day, which is our National Holiday. Thus, It's the weekend and I'm heading down to the Nation's Capital tonight to celebrate. Yup, off to Ottawa to get hammed w/ significant and friends. Therefore, i'm not in a mood for a total game update. here's some cool stuff that caught me interest during work this morning.

Bleach Baunt vol.3 cover w/ Ishida
Bleach Heat the Soul 3 PSP cover:

Battle Stadium D.O.N. cover - same as PS2's.
Sega talks Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 - PS3 version already playable
Tekken DR official site updated today w/ the release of the DR OST track list, TVAd, and move list for the 3 characters added to DR. It's under the 'characters' section. They also updated the 'mode' section as well. Impress posts the same news.
Impress covers Sekaiju no Meikyu which i first covered 2 days ago.
Namco opens Ridge Racers 2 PSP site

Oh look! more characters added to the 3rd wave of Queen's Blade! Can't wait to see who the two remaining characters are. The one beside Menace (designed by f.s. again) looks promising!
Gravion, My-ZHiME Zwei!

there's a bunch more news but i'm lazy. Anyways, enjoy the weekend and enjoy Canada Day fellow Canadian readers! Go England and Brazil!!!

Finishing off the post w/ my KoF theme of Mai Shiranui in Canadian colours & white...or maybe i should say Japan colours ^^....naw, not for the purpose of this post.


Fisherman Horizon said...

I wish they make a fighting game with mai otome in meister robe. In fact the manga otome designs are more impressive than the anime. Pity they are in back & white.

R8 said...

Well, the official site did mention about a PS2 game of My-Otome a while ago. I think it's something along the lines of a fighting game (i really hope so). There hasn't been much details on it, but i'm sure they'll be surfacing soon enough. I'll be getting it for sure since I'm such a whore ^^.

Anonymous said...

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