Monday, June 05, 2006

You May not ComeBrian

"Damn! Gotta love the bed post"
So i'm sure those who saw my title today knew what kind of post it was gonna be ;). Anyways, this is May's hentai post and the pic above and way at the bottom of this post is for Acolyte. So yeah, the language is pretty much vulgar, though i'm sure people who visit my site know not to visit during work or w/ a guradian around ;). Anyways, not many shows but most were pretty good animation wise, save for the usual Vanilla titles.

Cambrian ep.2 - Last Stage
the final episode of Cambrian is definitely the pick of the month. What can I say? I'm a Yoshiten fan. Anyways, the show's quite some high quality animation as one expects when Yoshiten is part of a project. The story is there and we get quite a few action scenes. There's about 5 or 6 w/ some being very short and some a decent length. Variety is there too as we get two chicks. Even though this is the last episode (since Milky is lazy IMO), they could go on w/ it as ep.2 ends off w/ a villian escaping and Keiko going fully Super Sayajin Witchblade for the first time (yeah, i was so reminded of witchblade once i saw this). So, i guess ppl have to check out the manga for more story, though i don't know how far the manga goes. Anyways, this has been a great show w/ awesome production values and a pretty interesting plot for a hentai.

Himekishi Lilia 1
This one would've definitely ranked higher had it not lacked erotic action compared to Cambrian. I was really looking forward to this having seen the HCGs several months ago. The show has some great animation as there was an awesome fight w/ Lilia and goons. Unfortunately that's all the violent action we get and the rest of the action was meh. The following action scenes has Lilia putting on a show and entertaining a crowd. Hardly any interaction w/ the crowd though. It gets a bit hardcore here w/ some liquid piss and scat. This is nothing in comparison w/ the game. The main scene this episode was a tentacle scene. It's good and reminded me of Mahou Shoujo Ai's tentacle scenes, though Ai's scenes were more hardcore. With that said, the scenes were a godd and decent length, the animation was very good but Lilia not getting any 'meat' was boring IMO. Also, not much variety w/ the chicks and plz don't show me more of little catgirl. Leila (blonde) and Kiriko better get some action next time! Though judging by the HCGs, Chirico/Kirko doesn't get any :'(, here's hoping.

The two chicks that need to get down and dirty (NSFW)

Shin Kyouhaku 2 ep.1
Those familiar w/ the first series know that this show is all about rape and blackmail (hence the title). so far it seems tamer IMO than series 1. We have quite a few action scenes w/ a short one w/ Ayame in the beginning followed by two solo scenes of Mayu and Saki individually. The final main course involves Saki being raped twice. the first one is solo while the last one is w/ 2 chumps. The series never had a good story as it harkens back to the usual rape/blackmail setups of it's predecessors and other games/shows. Nothing new thus, i rated it lower. The production values are very good since this IS pink pineapple. However, the art was really inconsistent as the designs would be very simple a lot of times. The animation always remained top notch though, so that's a plus. So far Saki isn't as dumb as most hentai raped chicks, though i see her being on the verge of that. Anyways, good action boring story. Episode 2 will be out 8/25, so we'll see if this will get any worse.

Gibo no Toiki 1
GnT is also another anime based on a game that doesn't break any new grounds. It's the typical son lusting for hot 'mom'. He gets some outside 'help' (well, he was sorta force :P...luckee) and commits the taboo. There's 3 scenes but only 2 real lengthy ones. The last one was kinda short IMO. Nao's scene was definitely the best. The show is average Milky which i don't mind. The animation is good (though a bit too much recycling) and I like Milky's 'average' art style. I still find the designs attractive. I was surprised by the last scene, pretty gutsy but no one would be that stupid not to notice someone getting banged right beside them after telling them to Shut TF Up. Since the animation is below Shin Kyouhaku, i rated this one lower, it also has less action. Pretty average stuff but enjoyable for those who can't get enough of hot mommy action. Nevertheless, i'm looking forward to ep.2 (and the new chick, IF she shows up) and wonder if they're gonna go hardcore like the game (sheeat and all), though i doubt we'll see much since this is Milky.

Nao, the show stealer (NSFW)

Game News
Official Bleach Wii site up but not open.
JF posts new shots of a highly anticipating game for me this month, Chou Dragon Ball Z
a Kaz Hirai interview posted last friday for those interested
EB list some wii specs and wants you to sign up to get the latest info
Some talk about a limited time character in Dirge, for the multiplayer mode, but like that matters since the US version isn't out yet.
Valkyrie Festa shots to promote the sequel coming out this month
Uematsu makes an appearance for the FF Orchestra Concert DVD promo
June 12 SJ #28 Dragon Quest info
Loco Roco PSP interview
22 min Phantom Hourglass cam youtube vid from E3
A bunch of new Sengoku Basara 2 (aka Crap remake, Devil Kings) shots and sweet art
New shots on this mediocre looking action game, Kamiwaza - i included this cuz the chicks got a huge rack :P
I saw this and read it in the newstands last week, but scans are up of PSM magazine's interview (w/ Kojima) and coverage MGS 4. They can be read at this forum
Things of note from the interview:
-the Octo-Cam which basically acts like Spy Fiction's camo. WTF? After SF bascially copying every elements off MGS, MGS now copies an element of SF :D :P. "
Snake's suit will change form and colour depending on his surroundings. As revealed by Kojima, this will happen automatically when Snake is immobile, and apparently the its fancy graphical effect is only possible on the PlayStation 3."
- The game doesn't just take place in the middle east, he'll be "globetrotting' from place to place."
- Snake's got six months to complete the mission. the time limit is part of Kojima's dramatic direction.
- Again, yes, this WILL be Kojima's final MGS game that he'll have a major role in making
anyways, go there to read more.

if anymore news that interests me pops up, i'll be sure to update again.

Oh, on the anime front, Funi licenses Gonzo's Witchblade just like i said several days ago (ouuu, big surprise). SWEET, can save money for a awesome Masane release. The new PVCs of her are mighty tempting, do i want to get back in the game or not? :P

Hawt Blonde Ass Chick is none other than Page 3 hottie, Katie Downes (NSFW)...yum.


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