Monday, June 26, 2006

THE Noblewoman of Fighters...yesh yesh

Yeah, been sorta busy cuz as i mentioned in my last post last week, i got KOF XI and have been playing/practicing it to death (though i got other stuff happening in the real world too ^^). Thus this post will mostly be my rant on the game. So if you wish and don't care, avoid the first paragraph.

Very awesome game and i recommend it to any casual fighting gamers. I finished challenge mode the first night and unlocked everything w/out playing arcade mode. It wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. This may be due to my experience w/ the game in the arcades having played it months beforehand. It took me roughly an hour and a half to finish all 40 challenge missions.
The last mission was probably the hardest for me where you had to be the PS2 console exclusive Geese Howard and counter Terry as it's the only way to damage him. That challenge alone took me about 15-20 mins. I must say that the PS2 exclusives aren't anything special since these characters are exact rips from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Since I own that game as well, i found them meh. Though it's nice to have Robert since he was my main guy in that game. The arrange mode is pretty good, it totally changes my play style and i need to adapt to it. Old characters like Gato and Kula aren't as powerful and user friendly anymore (which is good), thus, i've changed my primary characters. Since i own the game now, i've had time to practice and use other characters more in depth. Thus, my characters that i use on rotation consist of old and new ones, they are: Vanessa (yay! i've returned back to her), K', Kula, Oswald, Gato, Kyo, Iori, Shen, Elisabeth, Terry, Kensou, King and Gai. Yeah i ditched Kim. The extra endings are okay, they're only a couple illustrations, most of 'em look great. I dug the Whip, Elisabeth and B.Jenet one, but i think my fave is the 'one-chan' pic w/ all the 'older' mega stacked hotties in SD form (B.Jenet, King, Mai, Vanessa, Blue Mary and Elisabeth)....HAWT. So yeah, i played the PS2 version for about 2 days straight (even called in sick for work :P) and on the weekend went to the arcades to test my skills. Needless, to say that i've improved, but so has most of the regular and hardcore players. However, i'm starting to beat more players that i used to lose to before, so that's a good and rewarding sign. Anyways, i'll probably have KOF XI on pause as I'm getting ready for Super/Chou Dragon Ball Z this week!!!!!

Since i skipped out on the past couple of days last week, i'm gonna refrain on posting those news since i'm sure most will have heard about the news from major gaming sites.

I still must mention the scans of my most anticipated JPN RPG (as regular readers of my blog know)....Persona 3 (yesh Mitsuru wuv) - The official site also updated last week w/ an added character + movie

The Kenshin PS2 game i mentioned about has a new scan at Jeux france. The official site has also finally updated (after a month :P) w/ a few more characters from the Kyoto arc (ie. Shishio, Yumi...HAWT & Houji). Kenshin's section was also updated w/ a few more moves. The movie section has finally opened and has a clip of Kenshin pulling off his Kuzuryusen. Definitely can't wait for this game come September as i'm a pretty big Kenshin fan.

More Battle Stadium D.O.N. scans taken from V-Jump
Famitsu posts some Bleach Wii screenshots - the more i see of this game, the less i am impressed. looks to be about on par w/ the crap ass Gamecube game. Not suprising since that was also Sega. Bleach HtS 3 still looks better IMO.
Naruto: Konoha Spirits scans - this reminds me that i have to go back and finish Uzumaki Ninden XD
Some Famitsu scans of Namco's Culdcept Saga for the 360
Aussies, u preorder your PS3s now ^^
Sega Genesis games coming in November for PS2
- some games included are: Shinobi II, Sonic, Golden Axe 1-3, Virtua Fighter 2, Altered Beast, Ecco the Dolphin, Phantasy Star
Senko no Ronde Rev X (360) site open - i played this game once or twice in the arcades, sorta fun
Just for kicks :D...Fighting Beauty Wulong promo event on the weekend - man, does this game suck, the camera is just horrible in this game and it's sooo boring. Dream Factory has gone down the shit. I'll still treasure your Tobal games though. *hugs his Tobal No.1 and Tobal 2 games*

On an anime note, Black Lagoon is done and i was very pleased w/ how Madhouse handled it. Wish there was more episodes but there wasn't that much source material left to cover, also the budget wouldn't be enough and thus the quality would suffer and would hinder the show imo. So it's good that it was short, as it was 12 episodes of awesome action and animation that was consistent throughout. also on a related note, Black Lagoon vol.5 HK edition has been finally released last week, i should be getting it in a couple of weeks along w/ a couple of other mangas :D.

Lastly, i've decided to do a theme on KOF since it's been a while i did a theme, First up is new super hottie, Elisabeth! Whom has become a favourite of mine ever since KOF XI was announced and she was revealed ^_^.
If more interesting news pops up, i'll update from the office...if there's nothing to always :P.


johnny said...

28 games on that Sega PS2 compilation?! Jesus fucking Christ that has made my day, if not my year! ^ ^
I'm still playing KoF XI too, although, by the looks of things, not as much as you :P
And yeah, there's far, far too many nice gals in the game :)
(Jenet, Malin, Mary and Kula ftw!)

R8 said...

Well, I was never a huge Genesis/Mega Drive fanboy (SNES all the WAY and the winner of that war :P) but it's great to see a collection of these really great games in one package. I'll probably be picking 'em up.

As for KOF XI, yeah, i've done nothing but refining my skills on the game and testing out arrange mode as i think we might have local tourney using that. I kinda wish there were more challenge modes as i had fun w/ them and it went by way too fast. Yup, the chicks are definitely a great plus, SNK's got such a great variety of hotties.