Monday, June 12, 2006

Dairy Queens

As i'm usually busy during the weekend (cuz i'm a raging alcoholic and the WC + Stanley Cup finals not helping), i'm a little late on this news. Wanted to post it on Friday when the news came up but was too lazy during that afternoon. Anyways, the official Queen's Blade site had a site rehaul last friday. They also added a new wallpaper as seen above. The other two are REALLY old. Another reason for the update is cuz of the release of their new books on friday as well, Tomoe and Echidna. As usual, the popular blogs has sample shots (moeyo link, akiba link, both not really safe for work). I believe i already mentioned their release before. I had these two preordered months ago when they were first announced. However, i won't be getting them soon. They will arrive w/ my other Queen's Blade book I "pre"ordered MONTHS AGO (Reina, Risty and Irma...making it nearly 1 year :P). I'm in no rush as i obtained scans shortly after their release. The same will be w/ these two and i will definitely post some clean scans whenever i get 'em. II plan on receiving the all the books in Sept/Oct. if all goes according to my R2 ordering plan. So yeah, one may notice a new character on the site. She's not new as she was presented almost an entire month before the site renewal. The loli character Yumil is designed by Mibu Natsuki (know for eromangas) and is a chara that i'm obviously not interested, like Noa.

On a QB related note, hobby stock posts some new (or very similar to amiami pics) of Reina (still DBATING on...close to submitting due my Hisayuki devotion) and Noa. They also have some shots of Organic Witchblade and 1 shot of Kotobukiya Witchblade. Yes, i'm obviously very interested in these two, hence the coverage. They also got some nice shots of other interesting aforementioned figs (ie. 1, 2, 3 , etc.). On the official site QB site you can also see the resin kits of Reina and Noa that are planned for Summer 2006. Irma & Risty will be next (can't wait to see). More pics of Reina and Noa can be seen at Be-j.

some game news for the morning before i head out for work, been busy on the weekend as usual. World Cup has been pretty meh IMO. Gotta catch the JPN game and the others later tonight :(.

Bleach PSP official site update
- 3 more characters added and Mission battle game mode
MGS 4 in Israel?
The DQ J site that i linked in this post had updated showing the toriyama artwork
Old news - persona 3 scans, a look at the FP disc, and official site update w/ more characters and movies - can't wait for this RPG
This guy King Gilgamesh from Gamefaqs got a PAL version of Chou DBZ early and posted up vids and the intro. Pretty cool but man does he sound like a fag.
Mother 3D mock on Gamecube
NDSman shows off this scan of the SRW DS game w/ Gravion and Jinki bots
last one for da morning, some interesting shots from 2chan show off this interesting JUMP game compilation (could be a hack):

9:02 PM EST edit:
Chaos War official site is up
- new scan for showing SH charas (prolly only me and baka excited about this)
- Magic Box posts some screenshots
SNK opens Metal Slug 10th anniversary site (like KOF's a couple of yrs ago)
KOF Neowave 2? (Kaoru, winner of Tougeki's KOF XI tournament is apparently gonna do beta testing for KOF NW 2)
Garou Densetsu Comilation 1 info: contains the usual color edit mode, arranged soundtracks, online, ryo sakazaki staying in ff special etc.
in relation to my Chou DBZ news, the official JPN Super DBZ PS2 site has finally updated and added the characters (new console exclusives), system (new finishes) and news section, along w/ intro flash movie for the site
PS2 and PSP outsell DS and 360 in May (NA)
PS3 network matching to be free (another link)
Wii before PS3
Miyamoto interview from the weekend
A new Tales game soon to be revealed

June 13 10:15 PM EST edit:
Tired from work and don't feel like posting a real post, plus i have to watch the encore of games i missed today. Just some news from the day:
More FFVII PS3 remake tidbit rumour...preorder yours next year (more to becoming a reality? meh)
Tekken DR US PSP much Jin and no full DJ, Lili and Drag like Jap cover
Classic controllers to work w/ Wii Virtual Console? - shaweet
Kutaragi mentions that PS3's Cell will shrink in 2k7


F@reDre@mer said...

Hi, I was the anonymous guy. That Bleach PSP game looks really awesome and I see what you mean. Though, I'm more interested in how the Wii game plays.

Zanza said...

hahaha, thank god for summer eh, R8? gawd, between the WC and NHL finals, I barely have the time to game! ^.^

R8 said...

heh, even w/ summer, i'm still behind in gaming. but yeah, WC and SC are surely not helping (nooo...oilers :'(), but yeah, i've got such a huge backlog of games that i need to finish. these mostly consists of rpgs, action/adventure and some seasons of sports games. i always delegate fighting games to first priority and gawd knows how much fighting games i play ^^.