Monday, July 03, 2006

Don't Feel Blue

Canada Day was great in Ottawa. Packed as usual. Fireworks was great and a fun weekend in general. With that, i'm back and in lazy mode. Current game being played is still Super Dragon Ball Z. Wished my arcades carried it so i can maybe hone my skills against some competitors as this game does have some potential to be a serious fighter. It's definitely the best DBZ fighter next to Hyper Dimension in terms of serious fighting ala Street Fighter as it doesn't go for flash but great gameplay. Hardcore and casual fighting gamers will definitely dig, since it IS Funamizu producing.

On w/ some game news:
Wii to launch November 6 in US says SI Kids
and here's the scans:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

I'm not hyped about this for some reason but GW has more Power Stone screenshots
FFXII NA PS2 Website to fully open in 34 days...meh -_-
Happy to see that PS2 IGN picked SFAA as game of the month for June!!!
Metal Slug 6 will be released in September in JPN - that reminds me i gotta try MS 3D
Virtua Fighter 5 will hit arcades on July 12 - This I gotta try, hopefully my arcade will get it not too long after.
Some news from my Korean source Ruliweb,
FFIII DS Box cover
Rune Factory Scan

Finally, KoF gal of the day is none other than Blue Mary Ryan. Yup, gotta love the Shinkiro art. Definitely THE BEST KoF artist there was.

What's up w/ this girl and Terry? On and off again?!


johnny said...

That Korean site w/the FF 3 cover is sweet, thanks for the link.
I use VideogamerX which is another Korean site, everyday and they both have a similar layout...

As for Mary, yeah she's awesome. I love her "are you ready?" at the start of each match. Sounds so sweet! ^ ^

MS 6 in September, huh? I thought that 27th July date was to good to be true. Oh well.

R8 said...

yeah, i've heard of videogamerx, it's basically a ruliweb ripoff imo as ruliweb was first iiirc. i just use ruliweb since it's been my source for several years now.

yeah, i love Mary design wise but gameplay wise, her fighting style just doesn't suit me w/ her moves. While her KoF design is hot, her FF3/Real Bout design is still hotter and better imo. Can't beat the biker bra outfit ^^.