Monday, July 17, 2006

Whip it good, Foxy lady!

Whip, drawn by Murata 'wannabe', Tomokazu Nakano for KoF Neowave.

I'm not in the mood for gaming really. I'm actually more into the anime mood today. Anyways, I saw One Piece movie 7 over the weekend thanks to the wonderful dvd rip brought to you by the internet. It was pretty decent, not my fave in terms of action or story compared to the others, but it did have a lot of fanservice to keep me watching as I'm a huge Robin fan. Yes, this will be remembered as the One Piece boobie movie cuz of the heavy focus on Nami's and Robin's yummy funbags. I'll have more insight later.
So most Summer animes have started airing. I haven't been really following anime news like I used to, thus, I only went w/ what I remember and that was one show, Coyote Ragtime Show. The trailer had got me excited many months back when the site went up and the yummy female character designs (aside from the lolis of course :P) 'intrigued' me. The trailer showed some slick animation and action that was on par w/ movies or the HQ OVAs. After watching the first 2 episodes, I really can't wait for more and hope the animation won't take too much of a dive cuz what's been given has been just too good to be true for an anime series. The 'prison break' in episode 1 w/ all the goth/maids androids was sick and the bar/gun fight in episode 2 was amazing. The art DID take a bit of a hit in episode 2 though. Anyways, i'm expecting more good things to come to fill in the void left by Black Lagoon (which will be getting a S2 according to a recent WS GPX scan that i found at 4chan).

Just want to note that the Bleach Memories of Nobody site updated today adding 2 TV spots. It's really nothing special as some who've been watching some raws may have already seen it. That 'trailer' is old too and shows nothing really. While i'm on the Bleach news, the Bleach DS2 site went up yesterday. It's not really open yet. Also, Bleach related, Taka Tony fans may have notice last week that he had another sweet Bleach pic that features Nemu (pretty tame but may be NSFW cuz of camel ^^). T2 also updated his main page w/ a new pic.

The 2nd KOF pic is uber hottie (at least in this original drawing) Foxy, who was only playable in 2k1. Artist is Nona for those who don't know. He's known for his grotesque style, though he's been getting better.


Zanza said...

yum, Nemu

Taka Tony is so friggin awesome, i love how he draws characters.

DJ Ether said...

I'm liking your choice of artwork.