Monday, July 31, 2006

Rumble in my pants ^_^

Wanted to post this yesterday but was busy w/ T7: The Canadian Fighting Game Championship on the weekend. I obviously didn't participate as i'd get whupped, thus i was only a spectator.
N E WAYS, I"ve made it obvious in the past that I'm a fan of Yakumo. Followed by Mikoto and then Itoko.

However, they just don't get as much loving as the fan fave Eri (as shown by this recent spread and the recent episodes).

There SO needs to be more Itoko (sorry it's an old crap scan that was found), and of course Mikoto.


Zanza said...

DAMN! this is one very attractive post! may i ask where these images are from? School Rumble, great show! (zanza continues to grow his Harima-like beard*

R8 said...

from megami iirc. last one is from weekly shonen iirc as well ^^.

bakaboobie said...

Oh man.. Seeing my dear Yakumo and Eri brings back memories. I'm so wishing I could go back.
:D :D

Anyway, been a while, guys!

R8 said...

heh, have luck selling your SR dvds? as well your motherload of jawsome loot? ^^