Saturday, July 29, 2006


Doing something different, I'm gonna be posting somewhat short posts from now on w/ a/some random exploitation pic(s) of the female anatomy (more in line w/ fabio's style). Since posts are short i'll probably be updating more on a daily basis (hopefully).
I will probably have some in-depth posts on certain topics. The pics will be quite fanservicey and i suggest that readers to not go to this blog at work anymore (it still won't contain upfront nudity ;)).

Anyways, i saw Sora no iro Mizu no iro 3 days ago (fuckin' A) and i only have Ringetsu to watch. I'll have my hentai post up hopefully soon. Meanwhile enjoy the pics. u can see that i sorta have a theme going.

So to kick it off i had to show off some T2 and Kuroda Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro tease/goodness:
Though the main courses are the two animes that i mentioned that i was following (and still) from last season, Witchblade & Simoun. More pics coming atcha later.


Zanza said...

omfg, this is the best blog ever. is that a Taka Tony series i see? i HAFTA watch it

p.s. i've had some e-mails/msg's requesting i do a spotlight on some blogs i visit. mind if i link you in my next LJ entry? it'll be a little paragraph, with other blogs i visit like Mononari's site etc.

R8 said...

well, it's based off a hentai game by ciel/taka tony. designs for anime was by Kazuya Kuroda (ie. vandread etc.).
Sure, link me up! :)

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! If it weren't any trouble please post a picture of that babe (second to last) when she finally get's out of the pool, because the anticipation is killing me!