Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yuri Welcome!

This is gonna be an anime related rant since i rarely talk about it these days as my interest in this hobby IS waning. No game news.

So, w/ Anime Expo ending a few days ago, there wasn't a whole lot of licenses that had me excited save for one, and that is of course Bandai Visual's annoucement of Gunbuster for R1. I'm filled w/ tears of joy just like Noriko ;_;.

Their announcement of Wings of Rean is good too as the show looks great.

the rest of the AX's licenses weren't anything suprising (except for Super Gals S2 but i don't care about that) and most knew who was gonna get it. Therefore, the 2nd anime I'm looking forward to is Bandai Entertainment America's announcement of Ghost in the Shell SAC: Solid State Society. I was hyped ever since the announcement of this and the trailer show ant TAF didn't help. W/ Manga and Bandai releasing the 1st two seasons, it was already a shoe-in that they would get SSS. So it's not surprising but nice to have the confirmation. As for the Compilation Movies/OVAs, for the 1st 2 seasons...meh. I'm only looking forward to the Laughing Man one since I heard that it's got some added footage along w/ some reanimation. Also, i dug the LM plot more than the Individual 11 due to the fact that I've been a Salinger fan since HS. As for the Individual 11 movie, i could care less as I've already seen it. Lemme tell you that it's really not worth it as there is HARDLY any new footage, there's like one scene that comes off the top of my head that they changed. It's the part where Motoko Avatar talks w/ Gouda in his mind, here we see a young, not fucked up in appearnce Gouda first. There is zero animation that is redone, so the movie art looks inconsistent just like the TV series and the music has been changed around. Since this season lacked action, it can get a little boring as more than half the movie takes place during episodes 20-26 which is the meat of the TV show obviously.
And apparently Bandai is in negotiations w/ My-Otome. Tell you the truth, i could really care less since I'm collecting the R2s. I don't plan on double dipping this series like I'm doing w/ My-HiME cuz A)I liked My-HiME MUCH MORE than My-Otome overall B)I don't have the cash for it after i'm done w/ the R2s and OVAs and whatnot and finally C)my waning interest of anime in general.

None of Funi's announcement excited me as them getting more Gonzo animes were expected, thus Solty Rei = *big YAWN*. I'm awaiting their solicit for Witchblade though.

ADV hasn't gotten anything either that interests me, i find them definitely going downhill. Though they'll always have Evangelion re-releases to help 'em out and make fans angry.

So lastly, I come to Geneon as they have finally confirmed my 3rd anime that i'm looking forward to....and that's obviously Black Lagoon. While this was no surprise as one found out last year that they co-produced it, but a early confirmation indicates a earlier release...hopefully, and thus no need to get the R2s IMO. Being a fan of the Black Lagoon & Rei Hiroe WAAY before the anime aired, i definitely can't wait. Speaking of Black Lagoon, my vol.5 HK version arrived earlier this week along w/ some other HK mangas. My 'final' fig, Alter Sei arrived on Monday. If i'm not busy during the weekend, i'll have pics up, otherwise, Monday it is.

And since this is the only anime that i'm watching really, I present the awesome yurirific Simoun vol.1 cover - yesh Nevril're so amazingly hawt ^^.

So I'll end off w/ Yuri Sakazaki and go try out Last Bronx for PS2 now ;).


johnny said...

That's a pity to hear about your waning anime interest.

On the subject of Last Bronx, I got mine the other day and didn't remember it being as tough. Admittedly it's hard mostly due to the outdated older Virtua Fighter style clunky controls but it's not a bad game.

Still addicted to Winning Eleven 10!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Who are the two chicks? What anime are they from?

R8 said...

@ johhny: yeah, i don't know why, but i'm just not into it as much, maybe cuz i'm 'growing up' :P ^^, as i've been watching them as a kid. Maybe it's due to my income...i just can't (and shouldn't) spend as much on it anymore.
as for last bronx, yeah, i found the game quite hard and wasn't really used to it having played so much tekken throughout the years. no side-stepping and weird throw system caught me off guard. i did manage to beat it once on hard mode (took me 15 mins x_x). i don't think i'll touch hardest. and WTF?! no practice mode!!!

@ anonym: welcome. The two chicks are original girls drawn by Hidero Horibe. He's the artist for PC Angel Magazine and drew most of the covers for that mag. He just had a Artbook release recently and i had preordered it some months ago (but won't be having it shipped until later in the year). Unfortunately, this amazing artist died last month cuz of some heart failure as mentioned on his site.

johnny said...

Yeah, I understand that. I'm still buying away and watching etc but the main thing that's really frustrating me at the minute is the whole anime fandom thing. You checked out AoD yet? Don't bother with the Supergals season 2 thread. almost 50 pages of basically dub vs sub *sigh*

I'm well into the background at AoD now anyway. 99% of my posts are in the various gaming threads and the tokusatsu discussion. The rest is usually just a chore to read.