Friday, July 07, 2006

Diamond are a Girl's best friend...and Guys too ^^

Taka Tony put up a sweet Bleach pic today, so go pay a visit. He's also has some goodies planned (NSFW: 1, 2)
A quickie update as i'm trugging along my KoF theme and want it done ASAP cuz this time i plan on doing all the ladies instead of my usual 7.

Some game news i'd like to mention, especially cuz i'm a DB/DBZ/Toriyama fanboy:
DBZ Sparking! Neo vid from Japan Expo (2nd link if JF doesn't work) - long fights now i see. the fight is Turles (movie 13) vs. Android 13 (movie 7)....they didn't include android 14 & 15 in this game...WTF? A13 needs them for Super 13 (which he turned into in the vid). I guess they'll be in the 3rd iteration :P
Sparking Neo shots from JF - I'm laughing at Tapion fighting there, w/ sword and energy ball since he doesn't do either in the movie..hahahahha
Sparking Neo Developer's Site open
Battle Stadium D.O.N. finally updated their site adding two new sections (event, movie). the movie section shows 3 commercial, one by Goku, one by Luffy and one by Naruto. They're actually old and was shown on youtube and ruliweb weeks ago.

Square Enix opens Project Slypheed (360) site - name change from Project Sylph
Movie and shots of 360's Shuto ko Battle
Dead Rising vid
Lost Planet vid
Saint Seiya Hades vid
Capcom updates Sengoku Basara 2 site w/ a new chara, Ruliweb shows who
Konami opens Winning Eleven DS site
DS scan
More Pokemon DS shots of the system
Apple + Playstation 3 combo for you to eat
Another beautiful Combo

Another year gone by and the AM show has been announced for September 14-16, will Street Fighter 4 be unveiled? probably not this year....AGAIN and AGAIN.

Since y'know I'm a HUGE Street Fighter fan...a funny vid ^^

July 8 5:56 PM Edit:
Pretty good Germany/Poland game (good job Kahn :P & Schweinsteiger ;)) but it's all about tomorrow! Anyways, i couldn't resist this tidbit of gaming news regarding Bleach Heat the Soul 3.
As stolen from 2chan, Ruliweb posts this sweet scan of the game revealing the last two characters from the site's list, that is, Arrancar from the current manga!!! and Bankai Byakuya. The scan also shows a new play mode, Karakura Heroes Mach...SWEEEET. Also, there's a few shots of the new anime movie in the game. Can't wait for this game, only a few more weeks!

some little bits of game news while i'm at it,
Famitsu posts a few new SNK vs. Capcom CF DS shots (as well as old)
A couple of Sparking Neo shots - boring, why did i even bother.
Again, Famitsu's got some Naruto Konoha Spirits shots - some weird shading to the cel-shading
A look at the Simple 2000 vol.107 game, The Fire's Fighting Banchou - ouuu fighting, hopefully it'll be somewhat fun ^^
I've known this game for a while but for the hell of it, cuz i've been a fan of Eve's chara design and artwork (yesh Marina yeeeesshhhh), some shots of Eve ~New Generation~. I'm contemplating on this game. The game will be released late August.
NDS Japan Expo focus

/end edit

Kof chick today is none other than Kula Diamond. See y'all next week!

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