Thursday, April 13, 2006

Slay Me

I noticed the sudden popularity in Jingai Makyou leading up to WHF 2k6 and especially after it. Having read around it seems quite a few are getting the Max Factory Ignis. I must admit, it is a very nice fig. However I must stand by my word this time :P. Of the many figs being released for her, I have to say that the Alter one looks the best even though i haven't seen a completed one w/ paint and all. Her pose there in the Alter one is just two awesome, w/ sword out and all. Second would be the OS one. yes, it's mostly due to the exposed nipples. Hopefully there'll be a completed one instead of the kit. Next one would be the sweet MF one w/ the Bome one being the worse. Anyways, since Ignis has been so popular as of late and ppl jumping on the bandwagon, I'd figure I'd do my theme on Jingai Makyou. yeah, i've known about this nitroplus game since May and got the hcg last june since i do occasionally collect hcgs if the art attracts me. I already got Ano machi no koi no uta (i think that's the right romanji) since i'm a Kimura Takahiro fan. Anyways, here's another pic for wrex :D.


bakaboobie said...

Ignis for seconds, please! :P :P

WRex said...

Do you think it's wrong if I find that artwork hotter than the second photo of Harumi?

Thanks for the bonus pic, though ^_^

R8 said...

Hah, not at all ^^. The Ignis pic is quite awesome w/ that camera angle right where she kicks. Plan on putting up some naughty pics (linked, not 'upfront' :D) in a future post.