Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Advent Cums Early

As one can see, I got FFVII AC R1. I enjoyed it again for the fanservice that it is. While i'm not a crazy FFVII fan, it was good nostalgia esepcially watching that Reminiscence special. it made me feel like getting the old game out and replaying it. Thus, I listened to the OST and Reunion OST today and yesterday (i have the Movie OST but i listened to that to death now). If it was FFVIII, then i'd be total fanboy gaga. I actually still like Squall & Seifer's fight more than this movie's climactic fight. I mean you can't top Liberi Fatali going on in the background IMO. Anyways, I was impressed by the language options sony put on this. I mean 8 different subtitle languages which i found really cool. They even had them on the special features and one could choose the menu language from English, Chinese and Korean, which i've never seen on a R1 DVD. Anyways, great stuff, and glad to listen/watch it on my 5.1. So enjoy the pic of Tifa (sooo much better than Aerith, which was why she was on my date w/ Cloud ;)

Gaming news for the day
TEKKEN 6 for the PS3 (rumour)!!!
Rogue Galaxy Eng Hands-on!!! (i want this game more than FFXII!!!)
Lumines 2 was announced yesterday, shots today
Konami's Elebits for the Rev
Samurai Warriors 2 on Xbox 360 (i'm a sucker for the DW games, but the graphics better be severly improved upon the PS2 version). Also, online SW w/ up to like 4-8 players would be sick on Live. Koei better have that in mind for the next DW game on the next-gen consoles.
.hack//GU TAF trailer
Capcom's Lost Planet Pre-E3 trailer from yesterday. I haven't seen it and it doesn't interest me much since it's on the 360, but it's Capcom and i wuv Capcom.
Another School Rumble game for the PS2...yesh yakumo, mikoto, itoko yesh
Visual Profile 2 samples
Power Smash 3 shots on the PS3
99 Nights looking hawwt on the 360.

I also want to mention that I saw Strigendo ep.2. Another very awesome episode and show this month which has been loaded (no pun intended) w/ kickass hentais right and left. BB only 2 was too good. Only 2 more hentais to watch for this month. I'll have my thoughts up next week (if i catch them). Meanwhile, Milky has updated their site and finally announced ep.3 to Akibakei Kanojo!! for June. Futari no Aniyome is also scheduled for June. May will be good as i can't wait for Yoshiten's Cambrian 2 and Gibo no Toiki looks like your usual good and above average milky fare, thus looking forward to that. The big news is Jokei Kazoku!!! I love the art in this Silky's game and since i have the HCG in my possession, here's a tease from my fave (and probably everyone's fave) Sumire (yes, you might've seen her as fig at WHF).

My AJ package arrived today. i'll probably have pics up tomorrow.
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(10:26 PM EST edit): Went to see Thank you for Smoking w/ my girlfriend finally (good movie). just wanna note some game news: Rogue Galaxy Eng. Trailer...fackin' A.
Silent Hill Next Footage?
Awesome, Nash won MVP again in the NBA...go Canada. However, frickin' crap that the Canadiens lost.


Zanza said...

sweet! exams over, just got my copy of Advent in the mail, life is good!

got kinda scared about all the doomsday posts about what Sony did with the subtitles, was glad to give it a quick run through today and realize things are just fine. man, i just luv this movie, especially now i can watch it on the big screen. ^.^

R8 said...

i know, it's really minor IMO. There's some words i understand that aren't direct translations but they basically convey the same intended message. Ppl are just being too dramatic.

bakaboobie said...

Third episode for Akibakei? Hmm.. Wonder if they'll still have the same guy for it. As for Strigendo.. yeah, it was very yummy to say the least.

Spread the wealth (in pics, of course) of your loot, man! :)

From what game is Sumire, btw?

R8 said...

yeah, i gotta get some studyin' done since my last one is tomorrow ^^, i'll try to get 'em up.
Sumire is from the Silky's game Jokei Kazoku - Inbou (NSFW). Came out a while ago, great art. This is the fig (also NSFW) i was referring to that was shown at WHF.