Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gonzagas vs. Lumps = Distraction

Today's Jingai chick is Hanawa for those unfamilar w/ the game. Anyways, been busy studying for my finals i have 2 more left. So, the main point of this update is that triple break updated his site and included new pics of the charas from my-otome including 2 NSFW pics which the title is directed at.

Erstin vs. Arika (NSFW)


Zanza said...

hey brother, good luck on your last two finals! i got my last exam on the 26th, and then FREEDOM!

gonna start posting again on AoD with all my free time, also restart my blog. man, its been like 4 months without a new entry, eep!

R8 said...

nice, my last one is 28th, at night too :(. Yup, right until the very end. heh, good to see your return, though i'm the opposite. i'm actually planning on leaving AoD, though i'll be looking forward to see you blog again. i'll probably be AB forums every now and then for anime-related talkings and stuff.