Sunday, April 02, 2006

Come & Go

Triple Break presents 3 new pics along w/ his usual chick. The melons of Mai, Erstin and Young Maria. Oh, and Mikoto.

Saw Inside Man on Thursday. Pretty good flick, not the greatest Spike Lee joint (that goes to Malcolm X IMO) but enjoyable. Some very good acting all around but that's expected from powerhouse cast though Foster's performance is a little weak imo. Clive Owen's role wasn't hard for him as he's played the cool straight face so many times now. Nevertheless he was good. I recommend this for a watch since there isn't much out there currently aside from V and possibly Thank You for Smoking (which i haven't seen, though it should be coming out in my city this weekend). Some things of note: the sweet fictional psp game in the movie (gta style but so much better :P) and the sweet 'contra-zoom' shot from the beginning ala Hitchcock.

Anyways, need to study, first final is tomorrow! With that I'll finish my GPX theme (finally) w/ my (old) av pic of Sara and Seiichiro.

Oh, the awesomeness of School Rumble season 2 returns!! Ep.1 delivers all the comedic goods as well as fanservice ...yesh...yakumo, mikoto & itoko...yesh. Great OP again IMO.

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