Tuesday, April 18, 2006


is what this girl desires (as well as Ignis below). Not a hentai review post but just news that schoolzone has finally updated their page to Kininaru 4 and it's been one i've been looking forward to. 20 mins, still no concrete date 'cept for a summer release. Click on the pic to go to the NSFW page. Anyways, since today's quickie (:P) is hentai related, i added an adult pic to Ignis ^^.

Ignis wants to be shafted (NSFW)


WRex said...

Thanks, that was awesome. ^_^ The bat panties were a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Ignis is the best thing I've seen in awhile. Please post more! :)

Anonymous said...

Does Nemoto do nude shots?


bakaboobie said...

Kininaru ? As in Kininaru Kimochi? The so-called "Elevator Action" one? :D :D


R8 said...

@ wrex: yeah, the bat panties are kinda funny. i'm reminded of batman, wonder if he got down her pants.

@ acolyte: i don't think so unfortunately. i haven't had any luck finding any.

@bakabb: yup, the elevator action one, hence the title of the post ^^. However, unlike the others, this one doesn't seem to take place in an elevator (?). oh well, the art looks so much better.