Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 Scoops of Maidens & Cyborgs

So yeah, my big aj package for the month. mostly Otome related. Includes dvd vol.3 & vol.4 (the FP for vol.4 is a sheet of stickers...woop dee do), the Scoop Book (w/ towel and all), the Perfect guide and Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG Visual Book. For those wondering, the visual book is exactly like the first Visual book for season 1. So, it's not a artbook. It mainly contains character info, episode guide, line art, background art, and a whole lot of info/research on the settings and guns and stuff. The book came w/ a Motoko/Kuze semi-clear portfolio of sorts (i'm too dumb to describe right now in my state). Anyways, i took some pics of the Scoop book even though it's been done before by others....i just couldn't help my self ^^. All i await now is the Senretsu game which should ship tomorrow and hopefully be in my hands next week. Anyways, need to go back to studyin'!

booklet 4 samples which most should have seen from the official site already, as well as the Scoop book and Perfect guide. however, i just had to take 'em since the girls are so yummy in their bathing suits.

2 hotties i just had to take, as well as a very cool 'in progress' shot.

i left this Akane shot from the book in it's original size. why? ouu...if you look really close (by clicking again), you can spot nips ^^ (NSFW).

(apr 29 1:30 AM EST edit): tired as i'm done my exams, also had a few drinks but not drunk, thus i just want to mention famitsu has a shot of arika from the Senretsu PSP game. there's more game news (like yakuza trailer/hands-on) but you know where to go for that since i'm already 'late' :P.


bakaboobie said...

Is the GiTS guidebook similar to the R1 GiTS:Official Log?

DiGiKerot said...

I find if amusing (for no particularly good reason) that you are getting your ZHiME DVDs on alternate months to me - I'll not be getting DVD 4 until next month, and I've had the book for a while now.

R8 said...

@ baka: yeah, it's similar as it covers the same info but catered to 2nd GIG. being only 90 something pages, it would cover less info. However, like the first visual book it has more coloured 'art'. I wouldn't get it if you're just a casual GitS fan and looking for new artwork since there really isn't any, 'cept for a few (which aren't worth mentioning).

@ digi: well, after getting the 1st 2 volumes in consecutive months, i've decided to get them on alternate months to save money. Also the lack of good (or any) FP items hasn't persuaded me, thus i have vol.5 shipping w/ vol.6. If there isn't any FP stuff for the next 3 volumes, i'll just have 7-9 ship altogether until the OVAs or another fan disc is announced. yeah, i know that you, bakabb as well as others already have the scoop book since it came out last month (as i was the one to letcha guys know :P ^^), but it obviously made sense for me to get it all in april since i knew the perfect guide was being released in april and obviously vol.4. thus, making the order bigger and cheaper than having it ship in March.

somber said...

A bunch of sweet Mai-Otome stuff again :). How much was the Ghost in the Shell artbook?

freakcan said...

That looks like a cool Mai-Otome book. That Akane pic took me forever to load for some reason.

R8 said...

@ somber: the GitS 2nd GIG visual book cost me about 1900 yen at AJ. It's not really an artbook, so don't get your hopes up.

@ freakcan: yeah, i didn't resize the akane pic on purpose cuz you can sorta see her nips. That was for my NSFW pic of the day ^^.