Monday, April 24, 2006

Moving to the next level...gaming

As usual, blogger was having problems for almost the entire day today. wanted to post this around 11 am EST time. so this is my original post. added some extra gaming info revealed later on in the day.

A rant post. Been thinking, after almost 3 years (maybe a bit longer when i had a different user name) at AoD, i'm thinking about bowing out, not totally...yet. I'll probably post once or twice about something HiME/Otome related or a post in the R2 forum orgy. I've personally lost interest w/ the forum over the past year when most ppl i found interesting to 'talk' to, left or started posting less. Thus, i was not partaking in much discussion aside from some games and HiME-related topics.
Those, who go to AoD may see that all i post about now are game news, r2 covers and HiME/Otome stuff, whereas i used to take part in more different kinds of forums. Also, the posting style of late from some posters (which i will not name) have really annoyed me personally and i roll my eyes each time i see them post. So yeah, my enjoyment has deeply declined there. Also, as silly as it may be, when i had joined AoD, my goal was to get a custom title cuz that was cool (in my mind), alas, i've achieved that and entitled my self Lord of the HiMEs/ZHiMEs (though i had a different name in mind before HiME), which is an homage to Lord of the Flies, which sort of was HiME's inspiration and the fact that the book was 'cameoed'. I only chose that title cuz I AM the biggest HiME/ZHiME fan there and started all the hype before the show aired. The only ppl i remember discussing the show w/ me then was bakabb, gatts and crocodile. Also, as i mentioned before, i was also the one who came up w/ 'ShizNat'. As much as I love HiME/ZHiME franchise and it make seem like it's my fave show, it's still not close to my overall fave anime. I'd say HiME would rank 5 or 6 for me, whereas, ZHiME ranks just outside of the top 10. Without further ado, i decided to post game news here for games that interest me like I used to. My game news posts will be diff from my normal posts, thus no pics or themes really. Anyways, hope that didn't bore ya :P. FFVII AC comes out finally tomorrow!! booya for those who couldn't afford the R2 LE.

New God of War II trailer

Nomura interested in the PSP w/ KH (read the mag scan in Eng.)

W/ the latest announcement of DBZ Sparking! NEO (aka Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for stateside), Atari announces Chou/Super DBZ for June. I assume this is the NA release as the JPN release was already given and is also scheduled for June. Needless to say i'm hyped for both games being a DB fan. (edit: IGN English announcement news, they say July which i presume is correct.)

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin shots
Final Fantasy III DS shots

SE's game lineup for E3:

Final Fantasy XII - playable
Valkyrie Profile 2 - playable
Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus - playable
Dawn of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 4) - Trailer
Final Fantasy XI : Treasures of Aht Urhgan - playable


Final Fantasy III - playable
Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth - playable
Seiken Densetsu DS : Children of Mana - playable
Final Fantasy IV Advance - Trailer
Final Fantasy VI - Trailer
Rocket Slime - playable

.hack//GU scan

Amano already working on FFXIII. doesn't mention how big of a role, probably just the title again.

old news that i totally forgot to post about. It's nothing really special but,
Street Figther Zero Anthology site went up. I just wanted to note thecool artwork.
Rockman ZX site

3 new charas revealed for Shining Wind , like Shining Tears, they are designed by the awesome Taka Tony. u can find the official site here if you haven't been following since January. Shame on you if you haven't :P.

SNK Press Event detailing KOF MI 2 (more secret charas which cyberfanatix already noted) and some shots of the added PS2 charas for KOF XI.

Edit Added news: Partial PS3 launch-
Sonic The Hedgehog
Resistence: Fall of Man
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

UK teams working onf Playstation HUB and PS3 backwards-compatibility

anyways, back to the hockey game.


bakaboobie said...

heh. Yeah. Times have indeed changed and passed for us "old timers" of the forum. I'm more frequenting other boards of different interest actually (though still not actively participating in them). Being an AoD member, and an anime fan for quite sometime, I've been experiencing some serious bouts of what could be done with a butt-load of free time should I decide to silently bow out. :D

As for the *Hime-thing, yeah, I do remember that one. As we're actually the first two people (at least in AoD) who were sparking interest left and right. But then, more or less kept things in perspective while others went gaga over it. :D :D Ah... good times.

Btw, SF#3 comic came out recently. Not sure if you know it already or not, but it's kinda short. On the bright side, shots of Cammy in uniform are so yummy. :)

bakaboobie said...

Btw.. have you managed to get a hands on preview on the Naruto game for the PSP? If so, how was it?

R8 said...

hey, you should get more gundams to build w/ that free time ^^. But yeah, i'm also startin' to feel that 'old-ness'. I did post today cuz the Otome site updated. But yeah, i'll be there much less before i'm really out.

Yeah, i remember watching the trailers that Bandai would always release, awaiting for the release of the show as it was supposed to be a spring anime but eventually got pushed back to fall. and sharing Parade w/ you over IRC ^^...good times.

I got SF2#3 some weeks ago. I mentioned it in this post. Heh, i always get the book on release date. Yeah, Cammy's so hawt, can't wait for her action scenes w/ Chun Li in issue 5 (judging by that awesome cover A). I'll post news if i find any whenever issue 4 comes out. Still no date for Rival Schools :(.

I haven't gotten a hands on preview of naruto for the PSP. but what i've seen is essentially the same as Narutimate for the PS2. If you can play import games on your PS2, there really is no need for this game cuz NH 3 kicks so much ass as there's more characters. However, if your PS2 can't or if you want to play a Naruto game on the go, then this would be a good alternative. The game has less characters than the PS2 cuz it's based on an original story instead of the manga, it may also be cuz of size limitations, which is why i thing the Ougis in this game are shorten. The gameplay is really fun (Super Smash Bros. style) if you haven't played the NH games, therefore i totally recommend it if that is the case. It got a silver award iirc from famitsu. So i think it's definitely the best anime-based PSP fighter out (slighty edging DBZ) until Bleach HtS 3 (which looks sick). I was thinking about getting it even w/ my lack of PSP, but there's no point cuz i can play NH3 and the roster isn't up to my Anko!

Zanza said...

awww, sad to hear you're leaving AoD, r8! just when i am finally free to post again after many months of absence, one of my greatest friends is gone =*(

i do agree with you tho, AoD is a diff place then when i first signed up. there was a huge discussion about this a little while ago, though nobody was really able to articulate the differences very coherantly. for me, i will just be vague and say, the forums feel diff... the people feel different

hehehe, remember the days of like Da Original S Man, and like the Gungrave Alliance? man, those were good times, arguably my fav times as an anime forum poster. anyway, good luck with your April 28th final, and have a great summer! i've started buying anime stuff again, so hopefully i can join the ranks of you and the rest of the AB regulars very soon. =)

p.s. Hey BakaBB, howz it goin? ;)

DiGiKerot said...

Yeah, the increasing amout of noise on AoD is really starting to frustrate me as well, and its getting significantly less pleasant as a result. I've pretty much given up on everything other than R2, GA and OT these days - the amount of petty whining on R1 in particularly really grates me; so many people insist on bring up the same stupid comments for every volume of certain labels releases, not to mention all these people who pick petty faults with subtitles even when they aren't literate themselves. Unfortunately GA is being slowly infected with noise as well (WTF is the point in all those stupid fecking "Which shows have...." threads - none of them are remotely interesting!).

Of course, I don't really post much there anyway, but I do read a lot. Its not like my interest in anime is fading or anything (fanboy for life, I guess), but it does just cause me to want to distance myself from the rest of fandom completely. At least AB is still pleasent, though there isn't much talk there.

/rant over.

R8 said...

@ zanza: yeah, those were good times. S Man was awesome. Loved the Gungrave thread w/ you, skinnycat, chmblpuzz and couple of others. I don't even see fellow CDN Iridium posting much anymore :(. Thanks, hope you smoked your last exam.

@ digi: you're talking about that FFVII subtitle thread right? yeah, it started getting stupid when i browsed thru it a couple of days ago. I really don't see the point as it's fine w/ me. You're so right, more anime fans are nitpicking on the stupidest things, like "oh, that's not the right romanization", "that one line is wrong from the literal translation"..., thus "i will not support the company" after waiting months for the release. seriously Shut the fuck up, like it really matters. Fuckin' internet corrupts ppl into making these so called fans THINK they're elite when they're mostly fansub leechers like most are. Ho hum.

But yeah, GA topics have sorta waned on me too. i've been sorta annoyed by the 'episode teasers' for almost every thread. Seriously, stop stealing ppl's pics or just comment until you finally see the show. i'm hipocrate there as i used to do that sometimes w/ Otome :P, but like several anime? Anyways, yeah, i'll only show up when i got an orgy or something. otherwise, i'll see ya guys at AB :D. Even though there's less talk, i'm diggin' the ppl there.

Johnny said...

Aw, that's too bad man. You're definitely one of the good guys on AoD. Always beating me to the gaming news, heh ;)
Anyway yeah some of the stuff lately is rediculous, especially that Advent Children thread. Honestly.

And Zanza, get yer ass back to AoD or your LJ ASAP! It's been too long my friend!

DiGiKerot said...

Yeah, that FF subtitle thread is the one that I'm immediately thinking of - though the same thing applies to things like the whole Ahiru/Duck thing in Princess Tutu (that one is even more pointless than the FF subtitles!). Then there are people who complain about the fact that some Funimation DVDs don't have the Japanese voicecast translated and boycott the whole companies output as a result. It just seems so entirely silly and petty. I'm looking forward to hearing what reasons 'fans' have for boycotting the Naruto Uncut DVD release - I bet that will be full of well reasoned arguments!

R8 said...

hey hey johnny! ha, though i may beat you at gaming news :P, NO ONE can touch you and your gaming collection (well 'cept for those crazee hardcore guys who have their room shaped like a Nintendo or something ^^), however at AoD, you're the king of gaming collection. I'll probably see ya at your livejournal now.

@digi: yeah, attitudes like those have grown exponentially among the fandom, which really irritates me. Other minor things (IMO) like translated credits w/out the original JPN credits gets ppl pissed off. Companies just can't win now, though they probably do. Like they give a f*ck if they meet their target. N E wayz....^_^...moving on.

Zanza said...

hahaha, WHOA! johnny, r8, Digi, all my fav AoD'ers at the same time!

ok, i shall now visit R8's blog as my new anime forum of choice. we shall discuss new and exciting releases, the classics and anything else we wish XD

in all seriousness tho, i'm sad to hear about the petty whining on AoD. whining has always been a part of the anime hobby but, it would seem things are a lot worse than i remembered.

that said, i'm gearing for a huge update Johnny, you will not be disappointed. anime dvd's, magazines, artbooks, manga, figs and even a little PS2/Gamecube lovin! all for you Johnny! XD

p.s. AnimeBlogger still seems rather pleasant, perhaps more posters could go there and it'll be like a little AoD. hopefully, there'll be a lot less whining and griping and more pleasant interaction between fans of a great hobby ^.^

Johnny said...

R8 - Heh, really? I always imagined guys like you and Gatts who don't really post in the "what did you buy" threads had mountains of games. I don't really like taking pics of my games though cos I always get the feeling people will thinking I'm saying like "wow, lok at how hardcore I am!!11" or something...

Zanza - looking forward to the pics bud!

R8 said...

@ johnny: naw man, i used to buy quite a few games during HS and 1st & 2nd year. Now, i rarely buy games cuz of lack of time. My average now is probably 1 a month or less. No man, u shouldn't think that, it's cool to see pics of games and loot.

Zanza said...

yeah Johnny. i actually used to think that posting pics of new loot and orgies was kinda like boastful but, seeing as that only my good friends and fellow collectors like you and R8 visit my blog, it is ok. as long as people aren't posting entries like "HAHAHA, look at me! i buy so much more hence i am more of a fan!" than i think its ok. ^.^

Johnny said...

That's true. I would hate for people to stop doing it though as I love looking at other people's stuff! The AoD R2 jpeg orgies were part of the reason I started buying R2 DVDs even if I tend to go for R3 releases instead now (can't beat 28 eps of Naruto for the price of 1 R2! :D)