Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shopping w/ the Amazon

An advertising post here today one could say. so if anyone is into games and lives in Canada, you might want to take a look at the clearance games Amazon.ca has. There's some future rare games here that's on sale and you might not want to miss out. I purchased like 2 games but since i'm on a budget, i combined it for a future order. thus, it won't arrive for another couple of months. i'm in no hurry as i'm slowly chugging along my backlog every now and then.

Good deals i'd say for PS2 are: Shin Megami Tensei Raidou vs. Souless Army, only cuz it's Atlus and all Atlus/Atlus released games become rare afterwards. It's only 20 bucks CDN. Next is Socom Combined Assault for 24 bucks CDN. This is a good deal only cuz it's a fairly new game. I own all 3 SOCOM games but I'll get it later on when the price drops to 20 bucks as it's a given seeing that it's a Sony game and all Socoms have become Greatest Hits. But if you're one who can't wait another 3-5 months, a very good buy. Then you got FFXII RE (of course, as the CE is a EB/Gamespot exclusive) for only 25.99 CDN. Hopefully for those who got this on release date finished the game already, unlike me, who just finished it sometime last month. If you haven't i laugh at you :P, for paying so much and not waiting for this deal. Of course who would've known. It's so not worth 59.99 CDN, though that's the same price i paid for the CE, so good deal 4 me ^^. Lastly it's Lego Star Wars (2) the Original Trilogy. A short game like the first but damn fun. I rented this when it came out and this is the only PS2 one i ordered as it's only 20 bucks CDN. A GH version will come out but 3rd party GHs are usually 24.99-29.99.
edit: they upped the price for FFXII to 53.99 now. my rant is now pointless. If you purchased it at 25.99 before the hike, good job.

Next up is PS3: well, almost all games at launch
are priced at 49.99 CDN instead of the usual 69.99. However, all the games at launch were pretty shat, thus, i don't recommend any games here. There's no Resistance, the only worthy game to buy of the launch titles. However, personally, i have no interest in it even if it were included and i had a PS3.

The PSP's only good deal is Pursuit Force for 19.99 CDN. The rest aren't great or that much of a bargain. This is the other game that i got as i have had some play time w/ it. The game has glitches, a bit of control issues and can be a bit hard but it's a very fun game w/ awesome production values. Thus, it's a deal for me. I'm sure this will be a future GH as PF 2 has already been announced for PSP and PS2.

PC games: i don't play much but there's a lot of good deals for the widely known games like Neverwinter Nights 2, WoW (u don't want to get into that), Gothic 3 and RS: Vegas.

The Wii only has Trauma Center worth buying at 39.99 CDN. I didn't lose too much seeing as i paid 49.99 CDN and finished the game 2 weeks after I got my Wii. However, for those holding out, this is a great buy right now. The other games are ho hum. Maybe Marvel UA and Red Steel, but i suggest getting these mediocre titles later and cheaper.

No good deals i can recommend in the NGC page.

Nothing on the DS page as well.

On the GBA page: The GBA has some great games on clearance. Summon Night 1 & 2 for 21.99 CDN. These will undoubtedly become rare. FFIV Advance for 19.99 CDN and Gunstar Super Heroes for 18.99.
edit: those sneaky bastards at Amazon Canada changed FFIV Advance to the french version for 20 bucks and upped the price of Summon Night 1 to 26.99.

X360: Undoubtedly the best deal is Gears of War for only 39.99 CDN. Call of Duty 3 would be next which is also priced at 39.99 CDN. If you want your (crappy) Japanese fix on the 360 you got the shat game of Phantasy Star Universe for 20 bucks. And If you want to get lower than that, there's the softcore polygon 'porn' of DOAX2 for 39.99...sad.
edit: once again those sneaky bastards changed GoW to a French version, usually french versions in canada just include french instructions but w/ the game in Eng. so i'm not totally sure if AC does have french version.

Xbox: Sadly, there's nothing i could recommend on the Xbox page except for Capcom Classics v.2 for only 13.99 CDN. It's a great retro game if you don't have the PS2 or PSP versions. The rest are mainly inferior ports. Lego Star Wars 2 isn't a good deal either as you can get the PS2 one for 10 bucks cheaper and graphically, it's not that much better.

I'll end off w/ a chick who's actually hot & suits my title ^^.

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