Friday, February 16, 2007

Life's goal: Be Healthwii & Wiialthy

That's everyone's goal isn't it? Anyways, this is the main post today as the new T6 trailer took me by surprise. Rarely do i ever post twice in a day. I want KoFXII trailer soon! So anyways, i finally picked up my Wii Play w/ wiimote as it's been on hold for me at EB since Monday. I only bought for the extra remote. I should even sell it cuz Wiimotes (and nunchuks) are very scarce in Canada still, thus making this game already hard to find. I probably won't play these crap ass demos until next week as i'm heading home for Chinese New Year. I've also started going back to the gym again due to laziness and school. Thus i lost all my tone and def. Need to get my six pack going again as well. That is why i sorta included this month's Men's Health mag (which i purchase almost every month) :D, as this is my 'Health' post and playing the Wii does make you healthy...sort of, for a bit. I've had quite a few games, mangas, dvds arrive over the past weeks. i haven't posted them as i'm saving for a bigger orgasmic post and a theme i plan on doing. So Wii Play is nuthin really, just an excuse for 'health' ^^.

Anyways, don't feel like getting pics for Chinese New Year, so I'll end off w/ the hottest (and my fave) Chinese video game chick ever, drawn by the awesome Alvin Lee, coloured by Monk. My fave CHN anime chick would be Sei from BakuTen (she's from CHN heritage though her name doesn't sound like it :P). She better be in the OVA next month or i'll be filled w/ RAGE!!! Have a happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it! YAY for RED POCKET MONEY!!!!


muhootsaver said...

Happy New Year!! ^^ Wish you ahve a great year!

R8 said...

Thanks muhootsaver. I wish the same to you!