Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love & Destiny


So out of the blue, I started playing this old game that i had called Love & Destroy for the PSX. It's a short game and I've forgotten how easy and hard it can be depending on the Battle-Pot (robots in this game). It's a robot action game mixed with a bit of dating sim where at times you make choices for the girl you choose to go into battle with. I don't want to go into anymore specific details, but for those interested, you can check out a reader review at gamefaqs. What's sweet about this game is the character designs by famed Masakazu Katsura. Also, there's many anime scenes which are done by my fave animation company, Production I.G. So if you got the chance, i recommend trying this out if you're a fan of Katsura or just anime games.

Since I got the NGC version last month and loved what i understood of the PS2 version. There's been an update to the Tales of Symphonia 4 episode OVA. Official site can be seen here and a sweet ass trailer seen at Animate! Can't wait for this release in June, followed by episode 2 in August. I want my Sheena!!

Also, since it's the first of February, that means there's 25 more days until Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny.

Now, i'm not really a fan of Shiozaki's manga, having read up to volume 10. However, i do dig some of his female character designs in the manga. I've always loved Kanu from the 1st Ikki and seeing that she has a bigger role (or what it looks like) in DD, I can't wait. Well, she should, cuz in the manga she gets a bigger role as the later parts focuses a lot on the Seito school. However, S1 already went down a different route from the manga and this one obviously has changes (ie. no Ryofu vs. Kakouen :'(). So yeah, that's why I'm anticipating this show. Plus the promo trailer showed quite a lot of fanservice provided by my fave gal, so i hope the show will deliver on that as well as the S1 and the manga hardly have any fanservice (talking about nips) for her. I'm also excited to see some of the manga characters in motion such as Kakouen (OH YEAH) Chou-un and Bashoku. The promo trailer released almost a month ago has definitely got me hyped up. it can be downloaded or viewed on youtube. below are screencaps and yes, there's nudity thrown in there. However the main reason for this rant post on Ikki is cuz i wanted to show off the Ikki DD megami spread art :P, major hawt, me wuv kanu...and myousai too.

I'll finish off w/ another yummy Katsura art:


Zanza said...

damn, you kno, i've never seen an ep of Ikkitousen. with screencaps like that, i think i should start o_O

R8 said...

well, ikki is a pretty meh show really. mainly a fanservice fighting show and not particularly a good one at that. it's a good guilty pleasure i'd say. i'm looking forward to Dragon Destiny cuz of Rin Sin's design for Shiozaki's work, which looks a bit closer to the original source. I like hasegawa's design as well (in general) but they just weren't true to source.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Longtime lurker here.

There's a new promo vid with a fight between Mou-chan and Kakouen at the main site.