Saturday, February 03, 2007

February's 'Future'...

Gonna take after my fave character (in SSGPXCF) Kaga here and go on a straight instant noodle run for the next while ^_^

...(and probably March's too) is not looking too good financially as i got quite a few stuff ordered and coming in the next two months. After a two month hiatus of no R2s, this month will hit me big. The most obvious reason would be the My-ZHiME ZWEI OVA vol.2 FP LE. However, over the past couple of months i've added quite a few items to that lone order. HiME fans would know about the Big Bang Project that has been going on w/ Sunrise and thus quite a few HiME/ZHiME related items have been/will be released/ing this month. So, currently my R2 HiME/ZHiME order will include My-ZHiME Zwei vol.2 LE, My-Otome Saga ~Ayane Kourin ♥ Hen~ novel, My-HiME & My-Otome figure special (*sniff sniff*...since i don't collect figs anymore and must oogle at 'em), My-HIME Destiny ~Ryu no Fujo/Miko~ novel, Barrage Rei Hiroe Artworks (cuz y'all know i'm also a huge Hiroe fan) and GitS SAC SSS visual book (cuz y'all know i'm a huge GitS SAC/Motoko fans as well ^^). I haven't decided about the My ZHIME Ryuu to Otome no Namida manga yet, since Hisayuki has no part, but if the artwork is good then I might get it. Though i did check out the website of the artist doing the manga and his/her work seems meh. Besides that order, i've got quite a few mangas (HK & JPN versions) coming. Some old, slightly rare PSX, PS2 and PSP games coming (you'll soon know). There's also a ton of new games i'm looking forward to in Feb & March as well, especially fighting games w/ 3 for the PS2!!! Some R1 animes mostly arriving in the middle of March. Lastly, some sweet ass tail lights for my car.

April will be pretty good as I only got My-HiME vol.7 SE w/ box and Black Lagoon SE vol.1 w/ box planned. Speaking of My-HiME vol.7 box, that box looks pretty fugly IMO. Now it's 100x better the crap ass vol.1 box + shirt in terms of quality but the art from that one shot i saw looks crappy. With the hundreds of HiME art to choose from, they had to go with the coloured production sketches...WTF x_x. At least the 1st box gave us promo art. I hope the other side contains a decent pic. The box looks to be a bit big for me. My room is packed as it is and i certainly don't need an huge average looking box to take up space in my collection. Thus, i'm whole heartedly disappointed w/ the R1 release in terms of packaging and i don't want to talk about the authoring of the 1st 4 volumes. With that aside, I'm looking forward to getting the final volume of one of my fave series ever (when i'll rewatch it remains a question as i've watched vol.9 of the R2 TOO MANY times already ^^). Speaking of HiME, it seems Bandai Ent. finally announced their license of My-ZHiME/Otome officially. The release date is not far off from the final volume of HiME either (June). Great news for fans. Y'all know i'm like the biggest HiME/ZHiME fan, however, unlike HiME, I don't plan on double dipping since a)the series wasn't as good as HiME b)not e'nuff of my trio (Natsuki, Mai & Midori 4 the 4gotten) c)I 'think' i've spent just about enough on the R2s ;) d)Bandai Ent.'s release of MH sucked ass and their releases over the past couple of year have been sucking ass, though there are a few exceptions (ie. GitS) and e)i need to spend that money elsewhere (school, car, gf, booze etc.) ^^. Anyways I'm happy for the announcement. Celebrate!

Hope y'all have a good Super Bowl weekend, that's if ya watch American Football. Pizza and Booze all day tomorrow...oooh yeeaah! There had better be some good commercials :P.


johnny said...

Budgetting really sucks, huh? I'm still kinda on one (have about 10 R1 anime DVDs to buy from the past 2 or 3 months and I'm down to, as far as anime is concerned, only picking up limited stuff like vol + box and stuff I need ASAP like Gunbuster. Bought Hime 5 & 6 recently and as I didn't watch this far w/fansubs, am DESPERATELY left needing the final volume!) but am not having to restrict myself as much as I have been.

Picking up some real baragins lately helps as there's a ton of stuff coming in Feb and March gaming wise.

I also need to buy like 20+ volumes of manga as aside from Death Note I haven't been keeping up w/my manga since way before Xmas :(

Looking forward to the PS1/PS2/PSP stuff you mentioned ;)

Oh yeah, you've been talking about your car lately - what you got?

R8 said...

i own a black 2004 lancer 2.0 w/ spoiler and tinted windows. didn't really want to spend/save much on customizing/modding it cuz of school. now that i'm almost done, i can ^^.

johnny said...

Shit man, for real? That's like (or is) a Lan Evo, right? Such a sweet car!
Dude, you gotta put some pics up!

R8 said...

@ johnny: no it's not the evo just the normal lancer cedia or in my case, just 'lancer'. i wish i owned an evo. it's the normal ES. heh, i just realized i have a typo in my previous post, it's actually a 2003 lancer XP, as the 2004's front is slightly different from mine. as for pics, i need to get the car washed as it looks like crap w/ dry & cold winter weather. thus, my car is almost all white cuz of the dirt and salt :P. so maybe another time ;).