Thursday, February 22, 2007

'2-3' in '2' ep.2

Too many twos :D. This is a HiME/ZHiME rant if anyone cares. Anyways, checked out ep.2 of Zwei as I couldn't wait for my R2 DVD. My impressions, like last episode was that it's purely fanservice and I don't care for the thin plot that the show's heading into. Besides, it's only 4 episodes and sometimes you either can or can't develop a good story within that time frame. And in Otome's case, you can't due to the immense cast the show has. So yeah, the episode was basically like episode 1, where animation and art are not too different from a well animated episode from the TV series. Again, it's only slightly improved and you wouldn't notice that much of a difference. Though episode 2 seemed slightly better in both departments, slightly. Music-wise, same old Kajiura stuff. There's no new music from her, at least from what I heard. This episode you even get good ol' My-HiME music like the last episodes of My-Otome from the TV series. ED song is a new one once again. In the fanservice department, this was a treat to the Haruka, Chie, Yukino, Tomoe (yay me wuv) and Sara fans. Chie and her delta squad were interesting. Her magic (literally) powers looked dumb, though effective. Tomoe was hawt and crazee, yeah what a combo. Loved that kick she gave. Haruka had the most action, however, that isn't say too much as she threw like 3-4 moves :(. However, she did redeem herself by pulling a Suzushiro Haruka at the end...oh yeah, that's what expected of her from hard work and guts (you can guess what i rewatched ^^). Sara was a big disappointment. I was hoping to see more of her in action, however all she showed was a stealth camouflage power she had. Her transformation sequence wasn't all too special either. However, she did provide in the naughty fanservice department. Not really naughty but she won this department in this episode by giving us bouncing boobs in which Arika ruled in ep.1. Next episode will surely give us some Nao and Nina fanservice (and probably Sergay for the chicks :P) as they actually had lines this episode. The "next episode preview" showed some interesting sketches w/ what looks like to be a Royal Rumble as we see some of the other Meister Otomes in a wrestling ring. However, one shouldn't take this seriously yet. As ep.1's end preview didn't show any of the sketches in action in ep.2 (Haruka was in action but we didn't see her 'transformation pose' here). Thus, my hunch is that ep.1's end preview could perhaps be scenes from ep.3 and/or 4, same w/ episode 2's end preview (though that one could be the last episode as it looks more 'fun'). Then again, the sketches may mean nothing at all and are simply gags. Wouldn't surprise me if so since they look like it, in a way. However, I did love the underboobage service it gave w/ Akane and...ROSALIE's new outfit....hawt...yesh yesh.

Finally, I should be having a stuff pic soon. mainly stuff i got this week and in the beginning of feb. I talked w/ AJ and they don't know anything so far about the My-HiME Destiny ~龍の巫女~ as it's still not listed on (as of today) on their site. The book is supposed to be out Feb. 26 (28th for the manga). So I coudn't preorder it or the manga, though i'm not too sure if i want the manga. AJ is usually late w/ the novels when preordering. They usually have it listed a week or 3-5 days before it streets. I haven't seen the book listed on any of the big JPN book sites for the past couple of weeks either. So there may be a delay. I hope so, cuz I'm gonna be sort of pissed if they have it listed later today, tomorrow, on the weekend as i asked to have my order on hold. I should've just preordered something i didn't want to delay it. Reason I'd be pissed is cuz I have nothing I'm gonna order from AJ (or any other JPN import shops) until May 25 which is the release date for My-Otome Zwei vol.3 and I don't want to wait that long for the novel. Thus, my R2 order was shipped today and if i'm lucky, i'll get it tomorrow but the latest on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully some store like YesAsia or Play-Asia will have it cuz I plan to order from them in the near future as shipping for a book is a ripoff by itself from AJ and other stores.


DiGiKerot said...

I've had the shipment notice on my Zwei vol. 2, but like you I really want to watch it now. Whilst the thin plot is a shame, I'm honestly just stoked that we are getting more of the series at all - I don't think there has been anything since that I've found quite as entertaining.

R8 said...

yeah, i could never stand the wait and must always submit to the evil tempation. Yeah, it's entertaining and that's it's intended purpose. Ppl are getting gay over how crappy the story is and how they're probably gonna rush the ED. Really, who cares? it's not like Otome was a good show (entertaining? yes) compared to HiME. Anyways, I see that my package is in my city currently, so hopefully i'll get it tonight and post pics ^^.

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