Friday, August 11, 2006

'Packs' a Punch

Been packing for my trip most of the day after work and now i'm dead beat tired. I can't wait though, only 3 more days. N E wayz, site's been a lacking on some real chicks and since some DOA: Dead or Alive movie media has finally started showing up, i decided to post my fave chick of the movie, Holly Valance...SMOKING! But it's also my excuse to post some movie news as i'm a movie buff too. She's definitely the girl that caught my eye when the movie was first announced and then i scoured the internet for pics and vids being the perv that i am ^^. Her playing Chrisite is cool. but yeah, DOA will definitely be a movie to be checked out on video or illegally on the internet :P. U know it's gonna be shit and i feel sorry for Corey Yuen. I hope it does somewhat decent (yeah...right). Anyways, I hope some of the fights will be cool as Colin Chou/Ngai Sing (known to play as bad guy in quite a few HK movies but his good guy roles are cool too) and Robin Shou, who's mostly known for Mortal Kombat movies, but his best was in Tiger Cage 2 w/ Donnie Yen...check out this clip! TC2 is a very awesome movie and if you're a HK fighting movie fanatic like me, do yourself a favour and track it down. However, Shou's role seems small, it says he plays "Pirate" at IMDB ;_;. Chou's gonna be Hayate, so hopefully he'll have some decent screen time as the guy's the only real martial artist there (aside from Chou) who's got skills and not get jipped...*ahem... Matrix 2 & 3 ...ahem*. So yeah, here's a smoking DOA clip showing off Valance kicking some arse and showing some boobage (YAY) and the DOA posters....ugh...'cept for Christie and Ayane. Why couldn't they get someone hotter for Helena, and Pressly as trailer trash. I would've done fine w/ some no name hot California chick but Jamie...WTF!

I'd also like to share some new The Departed shots. Some would know (mostly Chinese ppl) that this is the remake of the awesome Infernal Affairs (featuring Tony Leung and Andy Lau). I've been anticipating this since it was announced almost 4 years ago. The trailer went up a few weeks ago if you haven't checked it out. The cast is awesome and i mean, come on, it's Scorsese (!)...Taxi Driver guy...Raging Bull guy. This guy so needs an Oscar. The cast is star-studded packed, though i wish they some famous female celebs for the movie, though i understood why they didn't, as famous HK celebs Sammi Cheng and Kelly Chen had minor roles, though the female playing Sammi's role seems to have a bigger role and is fleshed out more.

Another note that i'd like to make in which JoBlo reports, is that Philip Seymour Hoffman will be working w/ Charlie Kaufman on Kaufman's directorial debut movie, SYNECDOCHE!!! I'm a fan of both these guys. Been a Hoffman fan ever since Magnolia and then Almost Famous (and if you remember, Crowe's my fave director). I then remembered after Magnolia, his role in Boogie Nights...fuck. But yeah, i remember watching it again and dug his acting skills more, but also cuz Paul Thomas Anderson is coo. Been a Kaufman fan since almost the beginning w/ Being John Malkovich and been loving every single one of his scripts (the guy's a screenplay writer if ya didn't know, him + spike jonze = orgasm...they're amazing together). BJM and Adaptation best represents how awesome the guy his and he totally MIND FUCKS you. Movies that make you think, be confused and go "WAT THE FUCK?!" Movies like those are what I crave for. Eternal Sunshine comes in third as it does mind fuck you but not as hard as the latter ones. Human Nature and Confessions were meh as they were pretty tame and normal but still interesting as you do see a bit of his "WTF" moments but nothing drastic or crazee. Yeah, i'm excited for this.

But yeah, no game news 'cept 2 i want to note: Road to Infinity 3 site is up (there's 2 new vids as well)!! a new promo cm/trailer!! - the CM is nothing special if you saw the 12 movies on the site previously as well as this one.

PSP $149 price drop for the holidays? - guess it's about time i finally pick one up for meself instead of mooching ^^

And if real chicks turn you off (WTF is wrong w/ you? :P ^_^) and u come to my site for 2D chicks (or CG sometimes), i give you more Asa ;).


Zanza said...

damn! you posting so fast these days, its hard to keep up! ;P

anyway, sweet post. i've heard of the name Holly Valance, but didn't know she was so attractive. i'm painfully aware of how badly the DOA movie could turn out but, an eternal optimist, i am hoping it is good enough to sit through and not leave. XD

anyway, nice Asa shot! i think she is my fav Taka Tony character

Fisherman Horizon said...

Enjoy your holidays. :)

Holly valance kinda lost her fame after she got into a lawsuit with her former manager.

R8 said...

@ zanza: yeah, i try to post once a day w/ this 'new' style, though it's somewhat similar to my 'old' style. it'll be more brief and juss pic oriented.

@ fisherman horizon: thanks ^^, i hope i won't run into any trouble in the US w/ the latest airliner plot in the UK. As for Valance, didn't know about the lawsuit but fame shame, she's uber hawt. Sad to see her in this trashy movie, as w/ Aoki after Sin City. But Aoki will redeem herself in the sequel and maybe the Statham/Li Rogue. Though i don't know how big a part she has in the former.

johnny said...

Heh, I'm enjoying these updates too ^ ^
Got started into Gokumakaimura today - what a game! Seriously, this is so playable and addictive and one of the best things on the PSP at the minute. Maybe it'll shut the "PSP has no good games lolz" crowd up ;)

Don't know if I've asked you this before, buy you into the Basilisk anime? I caught 1 episode when it originally aired and I got my vol 1 w/box today. Man, the box is SO damn sweet!

Anyway, yeah if I don't talk to you before you go, have a good trip!

R8 said...

@ johnny: oh yeah, how is it? i was never super fond of that game cuz of it's difficulty at the time (same as w/ mega man), so i don't know how well i would do at the game now or if they revamped the difficulty or decreased it. however, i was never good at 2D platformers in general.

yeah, i'm into basilisk anime. i remember being one of the 4 or so ppl discussing the show during it's air. I bought some of the JPN tanks (thanks to wrex's influence) when it was airing. The show is totally awesome and fight are animated w/ very fluidly, it's romeo and juliet x ninja scroll (movie). I just wished they gave us full nudity like the manga, instead of covering up the goods.